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New Editing Standards Resource Megathread

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Thanks for this, Ralphis.
This should be pinned as is totally relevant for the times ahead.
It will be probably expanded on the following months as new tools and features are appearing as people start experimenting with this new resources.

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Great post, thank you for summarizing it all!


A useful addition might be what ports and port versions currently support each of the above, so mappers know which ports they can target if they wish to take advantage of them.

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3 hours ago, Bauul said:

A useful addition might be what ports and port versions currently support each of the above, so mappers know which ports they can target if they wish to take advantage of them.

Below are just the ports that I personally test/use. Please comment if you know more.


DSDA-Doom (since 0.19), Woof! (since 6.0.0), GZDoom (since 4.7.0 - unfinished/buggy)
In development: Eternity Engine, Doom Retro, Odamex


Doom Retro, PrBoom+, Crispy Doom, GZDoom, Eternity Engine, DSDA-Doom, Woof! and probably more.
Please note that there is no spec, most ports increase the number of things and sprites, but may not add new fields from Doom Retro.


"Unlimited" states, sprites, sounds, and things in dehacked (until you run out of memory).

Doomwiki article: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DSDHacked
Spec: https://github.com/kraflab/dsda-doom/blob/master/docs/dsdhacked.md

Supported by:
DSDA-Doom (since 0.21), Woof! (since 7.0.0)


PrBoom+, GZDoom, Eternity Engine (latest devbuilds), DSDA-Doom, Woof!, Doom Retro (partially)
In development: Odamex

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11 hours ago, Ralphis said:

Releases Using the Feature

For MBF21, there's a rather exhaustive list here:


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DECOHack supports MBF21 and DSDHacked

UDB supports MBF21 (the config is not yet enabled by default) and DEHEXTRA, and DSDHacked.

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Not that new (since 2008) but worth to include for reference:



What Is It?

UDMF is a map format which extends the features of mapping in various ways. The new features depend on sourceport implementation, but are all supported in a unified format, such that all editors can support the features without the need for yet another map format. UDMF consists of several lumps that make up the map data in similar fashion as the original, standard sequence of map lumps. Sourceports that implement UDMF at this time of writing:

  • Eternity
  • (G)ZDoom
  • 3DGE
  • Vavoom
  • Skulltag
  • Zandronum
  • I'm probably missing some here, I haven't kept track very well.

Some common new features that sourceports add through UDMF are:

  • Floating-point precision of vertex coordinates.
  • Flat (floor/ceiling) texture alignments.
  • Flat and wall texture scrolling direction and speed.
  • Individual brightness for ceiling, floor or sidedef parts (high/mid/low).
  • Colored lighting for individual parts.
  • Transparent rendering of textures.
  • Sloped floors and ceilings.


DoomWiki UDMF Article

UDMF 1.1 technical specifications

ZDoom UDMF Article

ZDoom UDMF implementation specifications

Eternity UDMF implementation specifications


Releases Using the Feature

Verdant Citadel - Large stone fortress map by Exl.

Paradise - 7 map episode by Tango.

Hell-Forged - Reboot/sequel to Demon Eclipse's second episode by Amuscaria.

Bastion of Chaos - An epic slaughter map by Bridgeburner.

Ar Luminae - A large and vibrant Doom 2 map by Aurelius and Kaito.

Faithless Trilogy - A Heretic/Hexen megawad by Jimmy.

Probably a bazillion more, I haven't kept track.



All doom map editors that have recently been in active development support this, I think, but you know, I don't keep track that well. Please fill me in.


Edited by CodeImp

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