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Really newbish question about enemies weak points

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Y'know I've played through the game a couple of times, but I just realized... I don't know if going for most of the enemy weak points results in faster kills, or if it's purely for survival.


Clearly this question doesn't apply to say, cacodemons, or stuff where the weakpoint is more like an insta-kill button.


Like if you blow off a revenant's cannons, does his HP take that damage? Mancubus hand things? Arach tail cannon thing? Or is it like, you take off the turret, and then when you start hitting the body, then his HP finally starts taking damage?


Thanks in advance

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They do take damage. The strategy of destroying their weak points is not only useful for survival, but also for killing. On top of that, they get stunned, so it's a win-win if you manage to hit them.

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