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Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale (Completed!)

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Hi there Everyone!
Today I present to you this extensive project about upscaling PB 3.0 weapons (and Enemies maybe someday)
The Sprite count is insane, and of course Optimizations are expected since it might be laggy for low end CPU/GPU users. (GLES renderer recommended)
I am about 90% done with the Process, and since I am not doing this lazily, Animations are still being polished.
For reference I am playing with Core i7 4th Gen and a GTX 1050ti, i am using a certain custom shader for GZDOOM, on top of recording at 50 mbps i get small performance drops.
All the Weapons were upscaled only 200% since anything larger might become a hassle while playing and some weapons were upscaled using the XBRZ method since some weapons show deformations while using other "photorealistic" models.
For reference, the Sprite count for only weapons is Above 10K sprites.

Completed! Feel free to download and tell what you think!




Edited by BerserkerNoir : Updated Links

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1 hour ago, Korozive said:

I think you have made things very unfair for the Demons.....but I still want this. :o)

By using IDKFA?
Yeah a Bit, but otherwise I wouldnt had showcased most of the upscaled weapons lol.

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1 hour ago, Bryan T said:

Question. How is this different than just turning on texture resizing?

First of all, its only 200% resize, the Method used its different than using the default models (HQn, XBRZ etc)
And to achieve something to this result requires at least using XBRZ x6 which uses 36 more times memory.
I get better performance using these rather than using the build-in resize method, and of course, this doesnt touch particles,sfx or gore.

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Weapons download link is borked again :(

Taken down due to violating terms of use says Mega. Just relaying information, hope the issue gets resolved as I love your mod :)

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It's a decent mod, similar to the XBRZ 2x effect.
It's a bit different from the Neural Doom created by hifan.
I hope it comes out in better quality if time permits.

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