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Underwater-themed Doom mods?

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I know of these wads where you go underwater. 

There’s Marina.wad for Doom2 by Brian Hess. 



Super Sonic Doom - the Nautical mines zone where you are underwater. You fight the end of zone boss underwater on act 2. 






007ltsd.wad For ultimate Doom - on a few of the levels you do have to go underwater to get where you need to go. 



The above level is e4m4 - Phobos Island. In this level you go underwater to reach the boat to escape from the island before it blows up. 



above level is e4m5 - sludge refinery. You go down some pipes to escape from the refinery before it explodes, after finding the explosives and swimming underwater back to the refinery. 

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I made a map that is located on a rocky island that is a techbase that have some underwater sections.
Though it is the first released map of mine, so it has issues and the theme can be utilized much better.


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I will do some self-promotion too. Check the final map of Deadly Standards 2, you have an entire section which takes place in underwater.



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I once made a map that was like a submarine bunker and it featured a short underwater section. The map was shitty but just wanted you to know, lol.

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