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둠 / 궁극의 둠

2회: 지옥의 기슭

미션 3: 정제소

레벨: 울트라 폭력(킬 100%, 비밀 100%)

시간: 3분 40초

소스 포트: 레거시 1.42

기록: 반디캠

플레이어: 미스터 트루퍼

업데이트: 2021.11.28


악마 주스 디스코드



 안녕하세요. 악마 주스. 여러 Doom 유저들이 활동하고 있는 Discord 채팅방입니다. 우리는 당신과 즐겁게 놀고 이야기하기를 바랍니다.

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Hello and welcome. There are a few things you should keep in mind when posting here.

  • This is an international forum, and as such we require people to use English in order to give everyone a chance to communicate.
  • Posting videos is fine, however you should always attach demo files along with them, since those are the primary method of verification in Doom.
  • Doom Legacy is considered an obsolete source port not suitable for speedrunning, because it doesn't provide equal grounds with other ports. You should consider switching to DSDA-Doom, PrBoom+, Crispy Doom, Chocolate Doom or perhaps Woof.

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