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Just an exercise for fun. If you could put together a Memorable Maps "booster pack" of 20 maps since roughly late 2018 -- however you define the concept of memorability -- what would you pick. 20 is really tight if you've played a good amount of Doom from that period, at only six or so maps a year, so if you are overloaded with possibilities, share whatever nearly made the cut.


No real restrictions among the usual idtech1 games or even standalone games (the original feature wasn't restricted to just Doom maps), although a list that is just one wad might look silly.  


Try to briefly explain either your individual choices or the reasoning behind the picks as a whole. 


Here's an example of format, for standalone maps and maps in wads:

Long Road, No Turns - Benjogami, 2019 

Win (Noye MAP01) - Benjogami, 2019

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In all truth I've been slacking on releases from 2018 and later, but I did come up with a list of five that I feel pretty strongly about.


Revenge of Demon House (Wormwood, MAP02) - Ribbiks, 2019

I'm not sure if this is my favorite Ribbiks map or not, but it's the crown jewel of the aesthetic that the trilogy identifies with. That midi, the starting room, and the completely fucked final fight with the cyberdemons inside the translucent trees and the massive wall of archviles is something I think about a lot. It's the Halloween map, in my mind, and also one of the best gothic maps that I can think of.


House of Corrosion (Sunder, MAP31) - Insane Gazebo, 2019(?)

I think this was added in 2019? Maybe cheat-y to include this, but whatever. It's just unbelievable, the way it looks and the way the Mucus Flow midi fits in perfectly.... The buildings and the path at the beginning.... I can't get enough.


Amarite Accelerator (Fractured Worlds, MAP32) - Insane Gazebo, 2021

I saw Daerik run this for a GDQ Hotfix show and became enamored with it. I could put a really good chunk of Fractured Worlds on here, but the aesthetic in this one is sublime.


Mutabor - Tourniquet, 2020

I played both Miasma and Mutabor recently and Tourniquet's interconnected design is addictive. Mutabor is getting lost in high-rise nukeage city, I think that's the only apt way to put it.


The Mucus Empire - Nefelibeta, 2021

Another Mucus Flow tribute :^) Can you tell I like the color green yet?

But really, it's a much more direct tribute. The trek up to the palace is reminiscent of the beginning of the Mucus Flow, not exactly in Tyson style but in the tension and aesthetics. It becomes its own beast after you reach the palace, but that subway and the palace reveal is imprinted in my mind.

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Cryonology (Eviternity MAP15) - AtroNx, 2018

Not necessarily memorable in the most positive sense of the word, but Cryonology is definitely one of the more memorable Eviternity maps, if only thanks to the pain and suffering it caused. Namely with that wave of enemies at the "temple" thingamajig with the Roman numerals. At least the visuals were a lot less agonizing.


Walking Lava (Literalism MAP08) - RonnieJamesDiner, 2021

I'm admittedly biased here, but Ronnie knocked it out of the park with this map. Out of all the maps made for Literalism, Ronnie's entry is easily one of my personal favorites. The aesthetics are simply gorgeous, the combat is (mostly) fun, and the additional level of danger brought by the lava you occasionally have to walk on brings its own brand of fun to the gameplay. Great stuff.


The Gentle Dark (3x3 MAP25) - InfernalMonsoon, 2020

Again, I'll admit to being biased in this case, especially since Infernal and I are old friends. With that said, though, The Gentle Dark is honestly one of the most unique Doom maps I've ever seen, let alone played. A delicate interplay of light and dark, it provides a gameplay experience with a sense of tension that even horror games fail to give me at this point.


Diabolus Ex - Arvell, 2018

It's like Doom meets cyberpunk. 'Nuff said.

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I've often thought about how much harder it would be to declare the "most memorable maps" going forward from the 25th anniversary, especially if you tried to sum up the next 25 years in just a hundred maps again. A lot more stuff is getting released now than in the early days, and more people have the skills to make a large number of memorable maps in any given project or year or mapping career. There are very few "obvious" picks anymore, because it's hard to stand head and shoulders above your competitors when they're all eight feet tall. But it's still fun to think about.

For my own opinions, I've already done most of the leg work for this, made the tough cuts and kept track of which maps were my favorite each year. "Most memorable" is a bit different from "personal favorite" (and that was the case when creating the Top 100 Memorable Maps as well), but has some overlap, and generally I'd expect the picks to be drawn evenly from my top 10 for each year, with 6-7 maps per year. If memory serves, most award winners from 2018 were considered for the Top 100 (and five maps from that year were selected: two from Adventures of Square, one from GS2, one from Struggle, and one from Maskim Xul), but a few were too late to give fair consideration, and I specifically remember disregarding a Rekkr map that I felt was a strong contender because of the release date.


So, I think my twenty would be:


One from 2018:

Mistory (Rekkr E2M7)


Six from 2019:

Mechanical Embrace by Ribbiks (FCFF map 07)

Remnant by Aurelius

Transcendence by Xaser (Eviternity map 26)

Verdant Citadel by exl

Cryonology by AtroNx (Eviternity map 15)

Ending by Jaska (Lost Civilization map 20)


Seven from 2020:

Mutabor by tourniquet

Ar Luminae by Aurelius and Kaito

Sheer Poison by Scypek2 (Three Is a Crowd map 29)

Acheron's Needle by Xaser and Marcaek (Syringe map 06)

Bastion of Chaos by Bridgeburner

Felstoy Abbey by Razumen (Realms of Cronos)

Gehenna by bemused (Abandon map 13)


Seven from 2021:

A Kiss from Gaia (to Gently Cradle) by Emma Essex (Time Tripper map 07)

Infraworld: Coma Moonlight by Stormcatcher

Lullaby by danlex

Subway Sandwich by skillsaw (Heartland map 01)

Unhallowed by CyanoBlugron

Ventose by Roofi

Voile, the Magic Library by Tarnsman (TPH E1M9)


Don't count that too carefully.


There are favorites of mine that are definitely missing from there, especially Anagnorisis. Regardless of how much I love it, there are a lot of competitors for huge epic sandbox maps, and the two shorter Eviternity maps stand out as more distinctive.


In terms of sheer memorability, I would say (without much hesitation) that Ar Luminae is the #1 map released since the 25th anniversary, with Lullaby, Ending, Subway Sandwich, and Cryonology making up the rest of the top five.

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Anagorosis - Eviternity, ukiro 2019


A sort of epic-journey type of map, buttressed by cool-ass music, and a strong variety of environments which manage to complement eahc other


Sold Soul: E1M7: Fryukp 2021


Massive hellish fortress that'll make your computer lag like a stoned slug.


Reve Lucide - 180 Minutes Pour Vivre, Roofi, 2020


A remote and lonely sort of (demonic?) town, this place's danger level is nevertheless very high. Especially tricky for pistol-starters. Nevertheless, this is Roofi's strongest effort in the set if you don't count Map 32.


City at the Mouth of Ire  Sunder, Insane_Gazebo, 2019


Freakish and extremely stark techno-city, this is easily Insane_Gazebo's best work up to this point, even throwing in stuff like 32 and 15 into the mix, and with difficulty to match!


The Mucus Empire, Nefelibeta,  2021


The Mucus Flow, as you've never seen it before. The subway can only accentuate the surreal and dreamlike nature of the map that's among the hardest I've yet to play.


Bastion of Chaos, Bridgeburner56, 2020


guaranteed to murder any computer not state-of-the-art, this does epic architecture its finest job ever without going overboard into ribbiks/Insane_Gazebo territory. Never have demonic maps looked so good.


Bloody Hell, It's Cold Out There, 12 Days of Doomas, Dragonfly, 2020


Dragonfly delivers this epic wad opener, framed by quite possibly Jimmy's finest achievement, the thrilling and somewhat emotionally-complex "Icicles". The Arch-viles you see at the beginning are the strongest indication of what you're in for. Lots of BS, but this was sort of a trial by fire for linking me to modern Doom wads.


Map 05 of Fragor Portum, RivitheWarlock 2021


Definitely one of the best examples of managing to combine varying themes inside a futuristic environment this year. A purple Stardate-esque area, an open warehouse area, Mars!, and the most dangerous lab you've ever encountered. And the ending fight slays!


Last Ruin, Skulltiverse, Muusi 2021


Muuusi vastly improves on his previous maps (including some awesome stuff he did for March of the Speeddemons!) to deliver his most finely-tuned experience yet! Sadistic, yet with much craft applied so things never feel unfair.


Map 15, Skulltiverse (forgot the name) El Inferno, 2021


Utilizes the Wormhole gimmick in a manner that can only be described as brillant. The contrast between the two-time periods is as striking as anything I've played this year.


Elysium, Eviternity, Draognfly and Tristan Clark 2019


Epic environment, many natural islands and other things and you float around everywhere. What's not to love?


Fear in Your Memories, Ghost Player, 2021


Starts out in some dangerous liquid than transforms into something else. Lots of surreality and cool traps. Nice little Wolfenstein Minecraft area toward the end. The final reddened encounter is epic!


Heliopolis, Eviternity, Dragonfly,  2019


Forest in the clouds! Oh yeah. The music is probably the best part.


Arrival Map 07, Pavera 2021


A toss between this and Map 03, tbh, however, this conveys massive final area vibes excellently!


Ou Est Le Berger, 180 Minutes Pour Vivre, Franckfrag, 2020


Yet another fantastic use of Jimmy Paddock's Icicles, this is taking place in some remote mountain base, I think? When the canyons open up, they open up. Surprisingly easy though


Crynology, Evitenity, Amtrum_15 2019


Epic ice fortress. Awesome fight at a frozen gazebo. Well built. What's not to love?


Dehydration, Eviternity, Stormcatcher, 2019


What can be said? Possibly the very best original track (or bespoke as out continental friends like to say) written for Eviternity, paired with what seems like a flooded-water plant? No one fight stands out that much, but that's missing the point, I should think.


Map 17, 180 Minutes Pour Vivre, Oxyde & Wilou84, 2020


Cool end fight, but it's quite strong all round. Open areas at beginning, nasty enemy placement, the works


Ventose, Roofi, 2021


Epic exploration. Mysterious and lonely. Best use of vanilla textures, maybe equalling No Rest for the Living? You bet!! Prepare to get lost.


Void Hydroprocessing II, Skulltiverse, RiviTheWarlock, 2021


Well, this is quite memorable, whether you'd wish it or not. That last fight especially (when you pick the BFG up near those blue tek pillars) is massively overwhelming.


Lullaby, Danlex, 2021


I've said enough. It's dreamlike. The visuals pop. It all makes perfect sense somehow.

Edited by LadyMistDragon

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I hope it’s ok if I just give some temporary fill-in answers before I finish and edit this post to develop it more. I haven’t played as many “not something I’m involved with” wads as I would ideally like to have, so it’s taking me a bit longer to recall good stuff from 2018-2020 which for some reason feels like eons ago..!


Anyway, Remnant by Aurelius was super fun. It was one of the first not-Eviternity wads to use OTEX and that helped it a lot, but the design was just huge and fun to explore in general. One of the few maps I liked so much that I’ve gone back and replayed it a few times.


Pinchy’s Speed of Skree, the Doomed in Space (2018) finale, is grossly overlooked due to being in Doomed in Space. It’s an epic finisher that really made a fun culmination of the DiS resource pack, it was awesome flying through space at warp speed while trying to take over this enormous insect-shaped ship.


(This is tougher than I thought, there’s so many wads that are memorable but where I have trouble remembering where one map ended and the other started.. REKKR, Refracted Reality, Auger Zenith - even in great wads the map divisions seriously become a blur if it’s been longer than a week ago!)

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FCFF map04 and map05

Stabbed With A Sword


Noye map31

The Egg of Human Endeavors


Can't think of any other interesting maps tbh


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Anagnorisis from Eviternity
Slipgate Ex Nihilo & Dr. Jones Abby's Malediction from Interception II
MAP15 from Skulltiverse
The Devil's Capital from Akeldama...

I did not play that much new wads though, but I could recover some memorable maps while playing with the DWMWC over the months.

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I may have to wait a while before I can make a proper post in this thread. My list is adorned with map titles such as "Miles Under the Skin", "The New Technology", and "The Dark Rift", which a handful of you may recognize as coming from certain unreleased projects. :P


Maybe someday we can all look back at this post and go "oh hey, I get it now". :P

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I really played very little of new stuff but MAP03 from 4 Seasons of Doom is something I couldn't stop playing for at least one week. From FCFF I would pick MAP06 thanks to the floating area with yellow key and arch-viles, and from Lost Civilization the amazing rooftop cyberdemon placement in MAP15 and the whole MAP09 for being just perfect.

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On 11/29/2021 at 9:32 PM, Maribo said:

The Mucus Empire - Nefelibeta, 2021

@Nefelibeta Have to quote the author :p


9 minutes ago, Xaser said:

"The New Technology"

Oh man, can't wait for this.


To me, the biggest one is "Back to Saturn X E2M26" because it kinda marks the beginning of my playtesting career, and playtesting for Xaser is never a wrong thing :P


Some other maps are:


Abandon Map10: Yeah, I stole this from Vile's list. It's funny that I was at the beginning of this map at the end of my play session, so I just somehow decided to IDDT and look at the automap and I saw all those green triangles. Stupidly, I thought those are clips... and I was really wondering why this map gives me so many bullets.


Moonlight Map01: Also stole this from Vile's list. As a puzzle solving and escape room enthusiastic, this map definitely fills my need in Doom.


Syringe Map06: Best textures all around. Have to check out those secret areas :P


Orange is True Love Map01: You gotta love that lovely BFG.


NoYe Map35: You never know the length of the map is 100% just about right before you jumped into the lava.

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Been feeling reviewer-ish these days so I started writing nonstop and broke the "explain briefly" rule, but who doesn't like to read nice words about maps, right? I'm gonna be updating this post whenever I have some more to add. The focus has been on single maps atm.



Oculus Malus by The_SloVinator (2020)



If you've ever played SIGIL before, unlike me, this long and hazardous journey encapsulates a lot of the traits that Romero's latest expansion brought to popularity, in the mapper's own view. I may have not felt the same excitement through the 'sigilisms' others probably had, though as a fervent sucker for modern Shores of Hell/Inferno/Thy Flesh texturing schemes, not to mention that organic asymmetrical structuring I crave to learn someday for my own shit, I couldn't ask for more. The claustrophobia is intense, the tasks grow into more intricate puzzles, and the darkness is ever so concerning when you're running desperate over lava. Apparently I like FIREWALL more than I knew, as my favorite vistas include the huge near pitch-black cauldron with fiery cracks on the ground, the whole crushers system which is replete of red stripes, and even the starting point looks sick. I don't have a favorite fight though -- it's the confluence of different challenges that were done within the limited sources in original doom for me, and aside from key set pieces, every shorter setup conveys its own idea carrying what you learned from before, so in the end you've got a little bite of everything, including a finale possibly as climactic as they say SIGIL's is (you be the judge, I've considered the true "boss" encounter started with the plasma rifle assault at the power core, sort of the portal to hell, and mopping up the mother brain was its destruction). 



Viscous Realms by Horus (2021)



This one was very recent for me, yet I sense it'll stick in my head for a while, and I've already recommended it to other folks. It's an outstanding work of art, that apart from showcasing once again how versatile is OTEX on its own, it tells how well experienced the mapper is in crafting a memorable setting through the use of multiple liquid types within the same map (which isn't so common now that I think of it) and a wide variety of crowd-control combat scenarios, plus secrets that really incentivize searching for them because you get a hint of the reward in beforehand. It's also the mapper's most ambitious standalone release up to date, and if I'm not mistaken they don't have that many maps out there, so this is a big one all things considered. As a personal thing, I could feel that ambition through the map, so much it reminded me of my time mapping for Interception's sequel, although this is hard to explain though. Perhaps it's in way the natural landscapes felt very familiar in their shaping, or in the monster usage - caring about roles and space - but again I can't explain it. What I can say is that I'm certainly going to enjoy it on reply, whenever that happens, since despite the linear key-progression I didn't quite get a proper sense of the scale the first time, apart from spending a good hour on it, and there're quite a few interesting alternatives to herd those ambushes.



The Killing Pits by Stupid Bunny (2021)



One of my all-time favorite sprawling nighttime maps is Sacrament map 13 - its post-apocalyptic mood has been incomparable for me since then, until this arrived to (unintentionally) give me throwbacks every now and then, which I appreciated so much. The mapper claimed to be inspired by the best of Inferno's aesthetics, with an atmosphere "emphatic to the death-and-pain part of Hell", which translates as soon as you start the game through the marble hallways and beyond, though I was not quite prepared for what was coming later... Once I cleared the fireblu caverns, it was time to go outside. Literally everything was imposing, and I'm not speaking only about the revenants and mancubi peppering me from a long distance, but my first proper panoramic view outdoors took my breath away: from the enormous scale, the oppressive darkness reigning over the mountains, to the ultra refined architecture surrounded by hot floor -- even the trek to the exit area is extremely grandiose, to the point I was feeling like I single-handedly ended hell for once and for all, really a must-be-seen (toggle IDDT and catch your breath). Conquering the titular killing pits required a more diligent strategic approach than what I'd usually prefer in my doom spare time, but as is common with these epic gargantuan adventures, it's worth the "suffering" until the last evil body explodes into pieces, then take a moment to sightsee everything from the highest point. Various other details that remain memorable include the aforementioned fireblu caves, the system of buildings in the core of the mountains, the lava pits glowing in the depths, and why not, finding GRAYTALL's red stripe used to simulate dry blood from a pile of corpses. If there's one thing I'm only hoping in a future is that the mapper finds a more suitable track than shawn's got the shitgun, but in the meantime idmus30 does justice.


Edited by galileo31dos01

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Ephemeral by Aurelius (Map 32, 1000 Lines 2) 2020 

From vanilla to UDMF, Aurelius’s maps are full of innovation and ambition. This is a ridiculously inventive puzzle map, amazing that it’s possible using vanilla actions. I found it strangely addictive, I needed to find the solution to each puzzle, I recall playing it on an evening after work and staying up playing it significantly later than I would normally stay up on a weekday, because I was so engrossed!

Virulent Well by AD_79 (Map 16, 1000 Lines) 2019

I played this with the DWMC, and admittedly I came into it with my expectations managed - I knew what I was getting myself into, that is large sections of damaging floors without rad suits. I enjoyed the first time I played through it, but it was on replay that it became memorable. I found it very satisfying to beat single segment, with the unique nature of the map forcing quick thinking and fast combat.


I’ve recently started playing 1000 Lines 3 and interested to see what memorable maps lie in wait for me!


Viscera by Dragonfly (Map 22, Eviternity) 2019

I absolutely love atmospheric maps, and Kyle Dobson’s music combined with the tight, undulating cavernous terrain full of contrast nail that mood perfectly. I’m also a big fan of OTEX’s hell textures, particularly the purple goop that this map introduces to great effect. The combat is also great fun too, especially the rocket arena full of imps that you have to clear urgently before they overwhelm you. I could have written about a number of maps in Eviternity but this was the highlight for me.


Festering Cesspool by Soulless, 2021

One of the very few maps I played this year and also one of my favourites. I’ve played a number of Soulless’s maps from his early stuff, and it’s been satisfying watching him grow as a mapper over time. I gel well with this mapping style and this one shows off some of his best in both combat and visuals through a series of small-scale battles that are challenging but fair, keeping me immersed throughout. I’m generally less of a fan of OTEX’s base textures vs its hell textures, but they are used to great effect here, particularly the contrast with the orange base textures. And always fun to try and find all the secrets!


The Scar by Xaser (Map 28, MAYhem 2020), 2020

This is a very challenging map that does a fantastic job of re-using terrain through various height changes. The combat is finely-tuned, monster types complementing each other well to make for constantly engaging, exciting battles.


And thanks for the write-up @galileo31dos01, glad to hear that you enjoyed my map!

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