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Mars Flats

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Has anyone bothered to make red rock and sand flats of Mars for Doom/Doom II yet? I haven't really seen any. And if there aren't any, WhyTF hasn't it been done yet?

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I'm not talking about the redrock ones...I mean, for instance, the black sand in "The Tower of Babel" only red-colored. Something like that. Ground flats that look like the martian landscape.

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Ultimate DooMer said:

It's really easy to colourise the grey sand to red using PSP, as red always works without screwing up the colours. (yellow sand is another matter...)

Yes, but you'll find that DOOM doesn't have a complete red gradient ranging from RGB255 to RGB0. (my new project however uses a new pallete fixing that maybe ill post it somethime later)

Besides, for a martian landscape, you want a mixture of rose + red. kinda like the skin textures, but redder.

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