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Icon Of Sin

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In Icon Of Sin, When you destroy the brain, loads of explosions apear on the face. How was this done without scripting?

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Specifically, frame 780 has a code pointer that executes code to play the sound BOSDTH and spawn a bunch of explosions about 320 units South of the object executing the code.

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kristus said:

No. it's his wang.


is frame 780 Romero's head?

Kind of. It's one of the frames used by the Romero Head item. It uses Frames 778 through 783. 778 is it's "just sitting there" frame. 779 is it's pain frame. 780-783 are its death frames.

Frame 778 has no code pointer, frame 779 has a pointer to play the specific boss pain sound, 780 has the explosions pointer and frame 783 has a pointer to execute the code that ends the level.

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