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[Community Project] Thirty Monsters Challenge [See you in the other thread!]

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I'm still working on something for this project, hoping to finish it in time.

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There is no restriction to making another map? Making bite-sized maps is pretty fun and quick, maybe I'd get inspired to make one more.

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2 hours ago, ViolentBeetle said:

There is no restriction to making another map? Making bite-sized maps is pretty fun and quick, maybe I'd get inspired to make one more.


No real restrictions about multiple maps.

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Update for my map, contains a few small changes to some of the fights following various feedback as well as adding the death exit in.


- Added in 8 more shells

- Swapped the two shotgunners that teleport in on pressing the red switch with one chaingunner
- Swapped the position of the enemies on pressing the red switch (the revenant now spawns on the ledge and a chaingunner on the rising platform)

- Made one of the imps in the final fight a revenant

- Added a hell knight into the exit room to make it harder to escape the map early

- Added the death exit in

- Removed the medikits in the exit room as there's a death exit now

- Minor visual changes (so minor, I forgot exactly what they were)


This should be the final version, though I may make an update if I happen to get any more feedback.


Download: 30mc_finnks13_v3.zip

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Since this is using UMAPINFO, is it possible to have a Bossaction defined for our map? (I would like to make a Cyberdemon death that triggers a lowering floor)


Otherwise, I can always make a VERY tall floor that lowers so you are locked inside the arena for a little while.

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Damn, so mad I missed this.  Wouldve love to contribute.  Cant wait until this is released!

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7 hours ago, Roebloz said:

is it possible to have a Bossaction defined for our map?


Yes, I think. I used one in my map

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15 hours ago, Roebloz said:

is it possible to have a Bossaction defined for our map? (I would like to make a Cyberdemon death that triggers a lowering floor)

Yeah, it should work for cyberdemon (As far as I know, monsters need to have an alternative death state programmed into them, only those who did something like that in original games do - so bosses and dead simple fellows)

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14 hours ago, AleksB said:

Damn, so mad I missed this.  Wouldve love to contribute.  Cant wait until this is released!

You've still got at least 36 hours or so.

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I'm incredibly sorry about this, but a certain bugged uninstallment executable-related accident took my map for 30 monsters and I was smart enough to not make any backups :C
Gonna drop an old screenie and leave it at that:




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Map Name: Descending Down

Author: Tib

Theme: Sewer

Music: None (i'd like to make some, does that violate the April 1st deadline?)

Difficulty Settings: Implemented

Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom

Description: Go down to get out

Notes: Putting in exactly 30 monsters is kind of a pain in the ass, I set up 3 UDB filters to check each difficulty for the magic number



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Map Name: Form and Void

Author: Peccatum Mihzamiz

Theme: Void, Tech

Music: 'Blood Red Shadows' by Aubrey Hodges

Difficulty Settings: not yet implemented

Port Tested: DSDA-Doom

Notes: The third arena is different from what I had envisioned at first. I spent a dozen hours making something for it but ran out of time.








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Last minute update! Fixed some minor graphical stuff and touched up on details! Oh gee I better not be too late

Changes for people who care (?):



- fixed middle textures clipping;

- fixed some sectors still showing incorrect sky;

- new block monsters lines will prevent enemies from falling off towers;

- just a small touch up on the secret



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There's a bit less than a day left and just to be crystal clear


All I need for the deadline is a map with 30 monsters, with a start, and with an end. And some effort put into it, but for now I do not mind if difficulties are missing, the fights are unbalanced, the map is not as detailed as you'd like it to be, and so on. We'll still spend two months refining our maps and gear up for a late May or early June release, the deadline is simply when I stop accepting new submissions.

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Map Name: "Check"

Author: Jark

Theme: Gothic

Music: None - I have listened to many, many midis, but could not find one suitable for this map - I would appreciate recommendations/suggestions, I'm looking for something to match the theme and combat if possible. 

Difficulty Settings: More or less - admittedly could be more creative in replacements

Ports Tested: DSDA Doom

General Difficulty: Mildly Challenging 

Description: A foreign and sinister place awaits, with deep pits and precarious platforms - watch your next step. Can you find what hides below? And are you worthy to fight it?

Notes: I must first note that 70% of this map was made in a week or so, with the last 30% taking more than a month to make. Experimenting with the instant death sectors and block land monsters linedef flag helped improve what this map was before, no 20% damage inescapable pits to wait around in and less chance for monsters to block platform edges. With this particular map and concept I tried my hand at scripted Arenas - something I am a relative stranger to, which shows but should be baseline passable one should hope.







Download Version 001 (Resources included in .wad for ease of testing)https://www.mediafire.com/file/ofbtws5fk5ovea0/Check001.zip/file


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If you don't mind, I am now going yo sleep, and I have some problematic bugs to take care of before releasing the map. So is it okay if I release it tommorow in the morning, to fix the two potential softlocks I've found?

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Hello! Popping in with updates and an extra map on the final lap.

Added death exits in my first two maps. Changed two chaingunners with imps in Agnosia. A bit of (un)balancing on Turmaline Turmoil. And the last one is...


Map Name: "Charlie Was Here"

Author: LPad

Theme: Snowy, Flesh

Music: "Odds and Ends", composed for this map specifically

Difficulty Settings: Just UV is implemented so far

Ports Tested: DSDA Doom, GZDoom

General Difficulty: Not hard, but a bit uncomfortable on resources. Big map with somewhat scarce enemies. The difficulty is more on the progression

Description: A puzzle/exploration/interactive map. A bit unsettling, I hope I achieve that effect in someone other than my brother. 

Notes: Sorry for the very detailed vs not very detailed parts of the map. I hurried to get it on time as college took most of it away






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Alright, I'm definitely NOT done on the refining side, but it's pretty close. (All I need is testing the boss fight more thoroughly, as well as doing a test run on DSDA-Doom.)


Map Name: Wicked Terminal

Author: Roebloz

Theme: Corrupted Techbase (Tech Gone Bad-style), Hell

Music: Metallica - Fuel (Not sure who made the MIDI)

Difficulty Settings: All (Yet to test on Easy and Hard)

Ports Tested: Zandronum (So far)

Description: This is basically a techbase that got corrupted by hell when they tried to make some FIREBLU merch. Instead, they opened a FIREBLU portal to Hell, and the demons invaded and created those Tech Gone Bad/SIGIL cracks. Pretty tough map, is very tight in design. You will go through the computer room, the lava pumping room, the library, the jail cells, the vents, the portal, and of course Hell for two boss battles.

Notes: I did encounter a bug with the boss exit not working properly, but I'm not sure if it's my implementation of it or just Zandronum fucking up. This has both a UMAPINFO and a regular MAPINFO. This also technically has more than 30 monsters on hard difficulty (38 in total, but 8 of those are Archviles in a E1M8-styled death exit so they don't really count. Also, since the Icon of Sin Cube Spawner and Cube Targets don't count as monsters, there are some of those too.)


Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bBsegg1QOF2FFUZPBzGeCVeGcRkzuQue/view?usp=sharing





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Made it with 15 minutes to spare.


Map Name: The Belphegorian Trials

Author: antares031

Theme: Three color-coded challenges with their own gimmicks

Music: Tristan Clark - Battle of Chaos

Difficulty Settings: UV only, the rest of difficulties will be implemented in the later version

Ports Tested: DSDADoom 0.24.2 -cl21

Description: Concentration, Precision, and the Race.

Notes: After scrapped the first map, this one is what I've brought. It is not 100% polished yet, but the game on UV should be playable and beatable. The level will be completed with the rest of difficulties within the next two months.











Download: 30mc_anta_v1.zip

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Map Name: Caco Tombs

Author: WeirdSandwich

Theme: Red, tan and black Hell temple

Music: Compulsion by Jimmy

Difficulty Settings: Not implemented yet

Ports Tested: GZDoom, DSDA Doom

Description: Get through the Caco's catacombs. Basically a single arena fight.

Notes: Will need some more playtesting, but submitting now to get in under the deadline (just!)


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnsiquf7qk3bz81/CACOS.wad?dl=0







Edited by Weird Sandwich : Added screenshots

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...Not you @Bobby "J, but I expect something sooner rather than later. After you're done, we have our final sets of maps - 65 in total, so two full megawads and some extras. Not quite nice, but very good nonetheless.

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