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That Jason Sloan guy has updated his site, Doom Arena, with news related to him on a couple of fronts. First, there's the NewDoom Community Project, of which he has signed up for three maps. Then, there's the third spectacle in his Spone series, a set of Legacy single player maps with a "touch" of 3D, which he has begun working on:[quote]The detail is going to be ten fold over anything I have done before. For instance in one room there is a sink with a towel drapped over the top and hanging down the side. These little things I think give a good feeling to a map.

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Excellent! another Spone is a good thing.
I expected a thread title like "Sponed!" or "Spone 3: the Editing" or something like that... :)

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this is the textfile

Name: Spone II
Authour Jason Sloan
Website: newdoom.com/hosted/doomarena/
Build: Too long. Over a period of about 2 months
Used: Deep 9.79c
Port: Legacy latest build Beta 4
Type Single Player. No Deathmatch

This is quite hard and I hope will give you 20 minutes of fun.
If you find any problems I am sorry but in my defence it was
playtested by mystic :-)))

As expected it starts in a familiar hangar or that good old entryway.

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