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Omniscient - super simple IWAD patcher

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Marcaek has been telling me to post this here for a while now so it's about time I cave to the peer pressure...


Omniscient is a super simple IWAD patching (and identification) tool, supporting most version of every major IWAD, and a bit more. It's written in C using native Win32, and runs on Windows 98 and up! It also works perfectly under Wine for non-Windows users.




Supported IWADs and versions:

As a result of just how many IWADs are supported now, I've moved this to a wiki page on the project's Redmine. You can also view the IWADs supported by a given version by accessing the system menu (right click on the window title) and selecting Supported IWADs. Both are generated by the application itself, and so take a lot less effort :D




v1.5.0 - 31 August 2022

  • It is now possible to downgrade retail IWADs to shareware. Note that shareware IWADs cannot be upgraded back to retail
  • Added shareware versions of Heretic and Hexen
  • Heretic v1.2 is no longer mistakenly identified as v1.1
  • Fixed Plutonia and TNT hashes being wrong
  • Corrected the hash for the Pocket PC version of Doom It appears the Doom Wiki's hashes are for a different version of this Pocket PC release - if anyone has that version, let me know
  • Added Strife demo versions v1.0 and v1.2
  • The "unknown ModDB version" of Chex Quest 3 was renamed to "v1.1(?)". Thanks to Acts19quiz for helping find a forum thread from CQ3's release. The "(?)" is because that same thread reveals even more earlier but minor revisions of CQ3 were released before this one
  • Can now identify the weird Doom-Chex Quest hybrid found on original Chex CDs. Thanks again to Acts19quiz for this
  • Various bits of internal refactoring


v1.4.1 - 27 April 2022

  • Added support for the Doom 64 re-release's DOOM64.wad

  • Fixed a few really minor bugs that you'd probably never have noticed


v1.4.0 - 6 February 2022

  • Added support for Strife: Verteran Edition’s SVE.wad
  • Omniscient is now compiled as a Unicode application, and should now better support file paths containing non-English characters
  • Improvements to drag & drop support
  • The About and Supported IWADs dialogs have been moved to the system menu (right-click the title bar)


v1.3.2 - 29 December 2021

  • Fixed error when patching to or from the PSN versions of TNT and Plutonia.
  • The values in the combo box and list box in the Supported IWADs dialog are no longer sorted.


v1.3.1 - 29 December 2021

  • Added an about dialog, from which you can view the supported IWADs
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
  • Misc code cleanup.


v1.3.0 - 23 December 2021

  • Added Hacx (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2)
  • Added Harmony (v1.0, v1.1)
  • Added Chex Quest 3 (v1.4, and some unknown version found on ModDB)
  • Omniscient is now compiled with Visual Studio 2005, so it is now compatible with versions of Windows prior to XP
  • Added drag-and-drop support, so you can load an IWAD by dragging it onto the window
  • Omniscient will now load IWADs passed as its first argument, so you can now load an IWAD by dragging it onto the .exe
  • Omniscient can now be used to identify – but not patch – Freedoom/FreeDM (v0.9 and up), fakeiwad.wad, megagame.wad, Chex Quest, and Chex Quest 2
  • Added crappy icon (I’m not a graphic designer, ok)


v1.2.0 - 15 December 2021

  • Added support for the Hexen beta, once again sourced from the amazing iwad-patches repo
    • This IWAD version should only be played with the beta engine
  • Improved error handling for in-place patches
  • Renamed Doom 2 v1.666g and v1.8f to v1.666 (German) and v1.8 (French) respectively
  • Attempting to patch Doom 2 to v1.8 French no longer patches to regular v1.8


v1.1.0 - 1 March 2021

  • Changed the descriptions of TNT and Plutonia to be their full names
  • Renamed the PSN versions of TNT and Plutonia to PSN, USA
  • Added the PSN Europe versions of TNT and Plutonia


Shout-outs to the Doom-Utils/iwad-patches repository and its contributors, from which I sourced some versions of the IWADs.

Edited by DrinkyBird : v1.5.0; generally touched up the post

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15 minutes ago, DrinkyBird said:

Omniscient is a super simple IWAD patching (and identification) tool

How can it patch Iwads? I don't get it.
I need to try it, to see why.

Edit: Sorry, now I see how it can patch Iwads.
I love the idea here, but I don't need it though.

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5 hours ago, DrinkyBird said:

Supported IWADs and versions:

  Hide contents


  • Strife v1.1
  • Strife v1.2
  • No Rest for the Living
  • No Rest for the Living (original)
  • No Rest for the Living (Unity port v1.1)
  • No Rest for the Living (Unity port v1.2)
  • No Rest for the Living (Unity port v1.3)

You listed No Rest for the Living under Strife by mistake.


Anyway, good stuff! Now I'm curious what changes were implemented in the Unity updates (beyond stuff such as widescreen assets and removing Nazi references), will definitely use this to have a look.

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