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Eviternity midis

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13 hours ago, donevan427 said:

Anyone got the Eviternity midis? particularly map15. I'd like to use it in a map i'm making.


To add to what TheMagicMushroomMan said, you need to make sure to credit the wad and midi author from where you took the midi from when releasing a wad with it

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thanks for replies, I was planning on crediting the midi in the thread and in a read me file with the map. As for asking dragonfly, that seems like overkill and how would I go about that? Is he around on this site? Do i just dm him? What about stewboy the author of map15's midi? I get not stealing other peoples work is important but I'm not trying to claim I made the midi. What is the usual way people go about using custom midi's in maps?

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Dragonfly is a regular on the website. Just send him a DM and he'll likely answer you.


The MIDI you want to use was specifically composed for Eviternity so asking Dragonfly and the MIDI author for permission would be the safest thing to do.


As a rule of thumb, I'm okay with people using my compositions no matter what as long as I get credited within the WAD, but every person do things differently. 

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