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Chase - Megawad by SPD7693. Work In Progress

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Happy New Year! 


Some of you may rememeber me from posting maps here in the past. It was clear they were going to be a part of a full scale megawad. Well, today I am posting it again with a new map inbound. For any further postings I will use this thread. 


The wad: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vqawvjicg3pyyb5/Chase.rar/file

Newest maps: 21 


The story in a nutshell: The character finds his wife and daughter captured by the demons and thinks another invasion is inbound. Eventually, he finds out the forces of Hell are after no one else, but him. They want him trapped in hell and are using his family as bait. That comes out until he's shackled by The Master, whom he turns out he has to defeat. 


Information about the wad: 


  • Name: The Chase 
  • Ready maps: 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 21, 29, 30, 32
    • 5 will not make the final cut. Feel free to play the current versions though. 
  • Maps in progress: 
  • Difficulty curve on Ultra-Violence: Find out yourselves, I can no longer proclaim it. 
  • New monsters: None, even Nazis and Commander Keens aren't used and aren't going to be used. 
  • New graphics: None, but I use textures from Final Doom 
  • New music: Yes, but in OGG Vobris format. 
  • Compatibility: Limit removing 
  • Tested with: 
    • Chocolate Doom - runs everything except the music, however it refused to issue warp on 29 and 30. However, it ran 30 before I changed the HDD. 
    • Crispy Doom - runs everything. 
    • GLBoom-Plus - runs everything on -complevel 2, most of the screenshots are from there. 
    • GZDoom - runs everything, gamma correction 1.5 recommended. 


Infos on the separate maps will be given in the upcoming posts. 

Edited by spd7693

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W A R N I N G ! ! ! 


In order to understand map 29 better, you need to be familiar with how Eternal Doom Map 12 Darkdome works. In a nutshell, in that map you see 8 "defunct" switches, activated by a master switch. Once that happens, you go back to all of them and then flip them all. They allow you to get to the yellow key. A similar gimmick is used in Epic 2 Map 28. 


Here the gimmick works like that - the 8 "defunct" switches are scattered around the map, but there are a few differences. First of all, the map is completely non-linear and you can approach it in any way you want. Second, you don't have to explicitly see all of them from the beginning. And thirdly, there are shortcuts. All you need is to find them out. They are 8 blue skulls. Once activated by the blue switch - the master switch - they turn red and can be flipped. What they do is raise the 8 cross shaped platforms that lead you to the exit portal. So, if you turned a red switch blue, you have raised a platform. 


I explicitly tested the map without the BFG and without the backpack! So, don't tell me there are mandatory secrets! 


The map is named Shackled By The Master. 






This is the way the defunct switches look. 



If you ever see a white teleporter on the map, then it leads to the BFG9000 



The BFG 



Blue switch behind the yellow bars. 



The yellow key, guarded by the cyberdemon. 




The red key. 




This is the way the "defunct" switches look after you flip the blue switch. 



This is a shortcut to the two switches, farthest from the blue. The different halves take you to different places. 



The exit portal. 







You're trapped! Once you wake up, you see the horrendous visage of the Master! He laughs at you "You fool! Your family is gone by now! Now, you're in Hell! Forever!" 


You slowly get pushed to your cell. Little do the demons know you know their cells better than them. Once the shotgunner gets you there, you just chuckle and knock him down. With the shotgun in hand you make your ways out of the prisoner dungeons. In the end you manage to find your weapons. Now, where is The Master? What is the way out?  



In a nutshell, the yellow key is the first one to get, because the red key is behind the yellow door. The blue key is behind the red door. The blue switch is behind yellow bars, opened up by the yellow switch, and the exit is behind red bars, opened up by the red switch. 


It's neither this large, nor this convoluted as it looks. I could tell you there is much potential for fun. Well, two things are guaranteed that you won't be seeing here - barons that need to be shotgunned and holes in the ceiling as secrets. This will be one of the very few maps that won't have the latter. 

Edited by spd7693

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I tested out the levels that was within the Project so far, and as nicely as i can put it: "You can't learn to run when you haven't even mastered crawling". I don't say this to be mean spirited, the story for your megawad is a interesting one that i honestly would like to see fully realized, HOWEVER I feel the scope of the project, and also seeing as your a very new member to the doom community, i don't think it would be beneficial to you as a mapper to continue this Megawad without the proper understanding of what makes a "good" Doom level. That term is passed around often in the doom community and you probably think "ok, what is a GOOD map?", the answer to that is up to the creator, there is no right or wrong way to make a Doom map, HOWEVER there are tips and tricks you can use to make your map look more polished and up to par with some of the Vanilla maps in Doom. Upon playing them i noticed many, many mistakes that a first try Mapper does, to list off the most common:


Misaligned textures

Boxy level designs


These two were very glaring while i played, i recommend perhaps checking these sources out before you decide to continue making this project, I say all this because i do want to see your idea come to a reality, but at it's current state i feel like you can do so much more.


How to avoid falling in to New Mapper Plights:


A great guide on how to improve the visual quality of your maps, Told by the man himself: John Romero

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3 hours ago, Morpheus666 said:

I say all this because i do want to see your idea come to a reality, but at it's current state i feel like you can do so much more.



I see what you mean and I know you mean good, but maybe you see me for first time. That is OK, because I was absent for about 18 months again. I really did take quite a long break from mapping. 


I am aware the earliest maps in the project - 1, 5, 9 and 16 - still have a lot of work to be done. However, I decided to work on them later. Some people already have seen my multiple attempts - and my multiple explosions - early on. And some have noticed the effort I put into improving and making the maps good. Don't believe me? Ask Doomkid, ask Austin, ask HAK... They have been with me from the beginning. I also already said some maps are going to change. But not immediately. I wanna rush nothing. 


So, I would prefer if the players focus on testing the newest maps for the time being - 29 and 30 - because they have got very little to no feedback so far. And these are the ones I not only have put most effort to in the last two years, but also the ones I feel are best in the pack this far. Please don't focus on mistakes I made in 2017 and 2018. 

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File link in the OP is updated. Seems like I hadn't archived the updated version correctly. So, for a few days I had been asking you to test a map I hadn't shared. 


Thanks to @Clippy for this. I'm updating the link everywhere now. 


Please, I would like you to focus on feedback on maps 29 and 30, because they're most recent. 

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New map: Map 6! 


I don't know what I can do more in this map. I did everything possible to make it a bit more varying, not as much of a maze of corridors and not as boxy as it used to be. Well, it still is. That being said, I did all I could to squeeze out the best possible from this boxyness by adding lighting variation and multiple storeys. 


What I kept: 






This screenshot is made from before I added another "crate floor" to the map. Now the arch-vile is more restricted and a bit easier to kill. 




The smallest of the brown crates allows you to get back up. 


  • The exit is still visible from within the first three rooms. Same as the window showing the yellow door. (But you barely see it, because I kinda changed the heights.) 
  • The hexagonal hub in the middle I made as a junction in Doom 2 Map 15 style is the same, but a bit better textured. 
  • The box maze is basically the same. I needed a lot of time until I finally fixed all crate cutoffs. I promise you there are none now. (I also promise you there are no texture cutoffs in the map at all.) 
  • The exit routine is the same, just a few textures changed. 


What I changed: 




A window overlooking the new area en route to the exit. 




The aforementioned new area. 



The Doom 2 Map 10 - like area. You find the yellow key there. Paused, because the light amps were about to run out. 





The only thing I have a problem with - I want the spectres to follow me, but the baron not. How do I do that? I either have to make all of them follow me or none of them follow me. 




I also have a problem with the graphic of the new name of the map. Did everything Doomkid explained in his video. It still appears like this. 


  • A bit of a split of the path to the box maze. 
  • The yellow key area is now more Doom 2 Map 10 - like. Light amps are a must and I've tested the light amp support - more than sufficient. 
  • New area on the way from the yellow door to the exit. I tried all I could to finally break the boxynes of the rest of the map. 

Needless to say, I can promise you lots of fun. I've tested the map only with the green armour and without the berserk packs, so I know it works without them. 




Only one thing left to check up - the army's supply depot. There are a few supplies you may have to save. After all, the demons would definitely hit that part if they're invading the Earth again. Or are they? The way to the depot seems... too quiet.


Let's see what it is once we go in... 


Tested with all the ports mentioned in the OP. All of them work flawlessly. 


Also a change to map 15 - removed the block monster flag from the linedef before the yellow door. I think the fight is better that way. 

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This year I had some issues that I finally am about to resolve! This includes also a prize I won in a game show that will allow me to buy myself a new computer and have an easier time doing the stuff I want to. 


This is the last map created or edited on this computer! And well, it's an updated version of Map 29 - Shackled By The Master. The map had a lot of problems that frustrated some players - too big, too confusing, too much of a drag, too hard to get from place to place... In the end even I thought it's too big, so this is what I did: 


  • Now the map is about half the size it used to be. 
  • The monster count also is dropped by half - the map is much faster to go through as well. 
  • A few areas redesigned. A few rooms removed completely. 
  • The map is closer to the original idea I had. 
  • New design of the blue switches. 
  • Added (more) teleporters that lead to the blue switches. 
  • Added teleporters outside of the map that can be used to get faster from corner to corner. 
  • New areas: 





This was how the room with the cyberdemon, mancs, arachnotrons and barons needed to look like originally. Much less grindy than the last time I executed it. 




A new area that originally had to be there with one of the blue switches. At the start you have two arch-viles there, eight mancubi teleport in once the blue switch is flipped. 


Unfortunately, now I can't find where GLBoom+ has saved the in-game screenies, so I can't upload them at this point. If I find them, I'll upload them later. 

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Well, first map ready on the new computer! Also, I finally am using Ultimate Doom Builder and have tested with GZDoom personally as well. This also is my first circular map. 


This is map 11 - S. O. S. 


For quite some time I had issues balancing the health. That is when we don't count the big health items. All of them are off the main path and/or in secrets. It's possible to beat the map without visiting the optional areas, but obviously it is not recommended if you want 100% kills. And 100% secrets as well, because one of them really is off the main path. 




---/.../--- ---/.../--- 


Wait... You know this sound. You register the coordinates it comes from. 


It's an oil platform and it seems half-sunken! There is where the demons have come from this time! Better stop them and close the entrance! And isolate the possible oilrig. Thank heavens everything seems sealed at least. 


Well, I did attempt to do something that looks like a sunken oil platform or at least base of sorts. Just a bit of a side note. If you use GZDoom, set your gamma correction to 1.5. I tested at 1 and at 2 on both GLBoom+ and GZDoom and the difference of the lighting at the same level of gamma in both source ports was baffling. Either I am used to play at a higher correction or am not noticing the lighting changes that much unlike most of you. 






I decided it was best for the player to start with the SSG. The other weapons either you have to pry from former humans or explore optional areas to find. 




Pick your path. 



The red key and the arch-vile guarding it. 




The plasma gun. 




 The red door. Better read the writing! (It says "restricted zone".) 




And the red switch. The trick is inspired by  @Geoffrey who seems not to have appeared for a while. In one of his maps he did a similar thing with a lift. Now I did with the red key and the red door. Don't worry, you don't have to go a long way.


After the red door when you see the poison signs, from then on once you step on the slime, all floors until the end are damaging! To me the number of rad suits is sufficient, but please tell me if there need to be more. 


Music used - "Floating Across Water" from HOMM4. (Water terrain theme.) 



Edited by spd7693

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I wonder who reads in this thread, but here I am with another map: Map 21 - Tartar. Ready a lot sooner than expected. It isn't that small in size, but things can be seen there. A big credit to @DavidN for his tutorials that inspired me to finally make a map with (almost) no right angles and make different interesting forms. In fact, I tried to create a level that just screams "Welcome to Hell, Doomguy!" As it's said in the story: 



What the Hell is that? Looks like the ground there is alive! And alive it is! You know where you are. That is where they have taken your wife and daughter. Lock and load, man!


It all starts from here - Tartar! Where Hell begins. You should know better to watch your steps and get to them. Because here you really are in the belly of the beast. You survived before. Now try to survive again and return home. With your family preferrably.  


Yes, the first sentence is a reference to Star Craft and the first words Jim Raynor says when he encounters the Zerg. Fittingly, the music used is the first Zerg track from the game. And if it fits the geometry and the fight, see the screenies. And yes, all of them were made in different playthroughs. The only armour in the level is the few patches of blue armour and any megasphere you can encounter, so be careful! 







This is how it looks on the automap. 




Be careful with that one. She guards the blue key as well. 




The middle hub. 




Good luck finding cover! This is the first time the starting area gets repopulated. As you can judge by the dead chaingunners. 







All the weapons are in the starting room. There is the BFG and the way to get it is a bit trickier. ALL BFG's in the wad are going to be secret. 




And when you think you've seen enough pesky arch-viles...




And as you know, when you see this, you know you're in a world of sh*t! 


Wanted to give three more, but I'm at the uploads limit. Whoops! 



The file will be both posted here and in the OP. It also includes an updated version of Map 15 - The Monastery. The changes are minor, but very important: 

  • Only two hell knights appear in the marble secret as opposed to 5 earlier. 
  • Yellow key trap: revenants reduced to 12 from 24, barons removed. The change is significant for the completion of the map. 
  • SSG moved into the room with the yellow door and the yellow key trap. In the lighted portion as well and it's easier to see. 
  • Location of the plasma rifle is now lighted. 

More changes might be made in the future for now these, because they seemed the most important. They had to come with the publishment of map 11, but it seems I have uploaded the wrong file. Now I made sure I'm uploading the correct file. 


Have a good time playing! 



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