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[Released] Doomworld Mega Project 2022 (12 folders)

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  • no viruses, malicious files, inappropriate files, etc. (ask in thread if you have questions)


I'm going to file the submissions under "etc." and if @Rykz wants to resubmit the files without password protection then I'll accept them.

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Sorry for the super short notice, but I've bumped up the deadline to next week. The reason for this is because I recently got another warning from a mod and it's making hosting the DMP on doomworld to be too much of a hassle. If it was one of my own projects then it wouldn't matter, but DMP is a community project and I have to be available on the forums to run it. I've been on doomworld for 18 years and started getting warnings last year (from which mod I don't know). So I've decided to end DMP2022 early and take DMP2023 over to Doomer Boards. Thanks to all the submitters and people who have stayed with the project over the years. I'm not leaving doomworld, only DMP is.

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I've only made one map this year, but I think it's pretty good. I just need to get the animated textures working. It also hasn't been playtested yet, so there might need to be tweaks made.

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Ok, another one before the deadline approaches. This one is kinda oid, actually. I begin these maps back in January, after my first release for this project.




Title: World Hacks

Author: Walter

Game: HACX: Twitch 'n' Kill (1996, Banjo Software)

Editor(s) Used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade3

Port: Vanilla HACX exe 1.0

Slot: MAP01, MAP33

Files: whacks.wad

Zip file size: 35 kb

Build time: 2 hours for MAP01, 1 hour/ 1 hour and half for MAP33

Tested with: chocorenderlimits, Crispy Doom 5.10.1, HACX exe using DosBox

Bugs: None

Description: A couple of speedmaps made for HACX, that old fan-made Doom clone, MAP01 is the proper map and MAP33 is a arena made for testing out the various monsters. making maps for this game is a fucking mess.


Screenshots in spoilers (MAP01):





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I got a map to submit!



One short Doom II map that takes place in a city under siege. As the city PD's sole surviving deputy, it's up to you to put an end to this tomfoolery. It's a fairly short map, maybe 3 minutes long. It's difficult though, so to take a few attempts to it all down. Hope you enjoy!


Title: Burn Baby Burn

Author: Moustachio

Game: DOOM II: Hell on Earth

Editor(s) Used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade 3.1.2

Port: Limit-Removing

Slot: MAP01

Files: moustachio22.wad, moustachio22.txt, moustachio22.deh

Zip file size: 69 KB

Build time: 4 hours over 3 days

Tested with: Crispy Doom 5.11.1, DSDA-Doom 0.24.3, GZDoom 4.8.2





Edited by Moustachio

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In light of the new deadline, I threw together something in a much shorter time period than I would've liked.


Title: Wash Away


Comp: Boom (complevel 9)

Files: DMP22.wad, README.txt

Size: 28KB




The map isn't big enough to warrant a screenshot, but I promise it's hot hot gameplay for its size. 


Also, kinda hard to call it a DMP if it's not on DoomWorld, but I understand the choice. 

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No joke, my eyes once again glossed over the "they created" and "during 2022" in the project rules. I'll have to do some last minute changes... on the plus side, the download is now much more lightweight.


He sings the songs that remind him of the rhythm that divides you


This folder now contains a set of wolf3d levels, three screenshots and a text file that doesn't describe the contents of the folder. It seems about right, everyone else submitted reasonably-sized things and so will I.


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On 11/1/2022 at 9:26 PM, Philnemba said:

Welp I better get start on making at least one more map before the deadline. 


Well sadly due to IRL busy stuff for the past few days, I was unable to have time to make at least one more map(was going to make a vanilla Strife map but will save that idea for another time) but I did had fun making that bizarre Sorrow mapset this past July and it was a good GZDoom mapping exercise. I look forward on trying all of the submissions including Walter's Hovertank 3D mapset and Scypek's Wolfenstein 3D levels when I have the time :)

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Just heard about the new deadline two hours ago, so here's a mediocre speedmap: dmp2022_jjp.zip


Title: Some Hell Cavern

Iwad: Doom II

Port: vanilla (in theory; only tested with Woof)

Difficulty settings: yes

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>>> Download: DMP2022v1.zip (98MB) <<<


Congratulations guys, you completed yet another chapter of the Doomworld Mega Project. You made another megawad's worth of maps and should be proud of yourselves. I was expecting a bit more non-wad content, but I think the lack of structure I brought to this year's rules spooked some people. Well, it was an experiment at least. Next year's project will have some very harsh rules where you or anyone else won't be allowed to test your map AT ALL. You will be completely prohibited from loading your map in-game before submitting it. What's the point of that, you might ask? It's just a humorous take on "professional mappers" who build a map and give it to playtesters who fix their mistakes. Don't take it personally, it's just a joke. But I think it'll be another fun experiment. You can join DMP2023 in the new year over on "Doomer Boards".

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Sounds too easy. I'll try to not even load it in a map editor either.


Looking forward to see how Doom🅱️ord Mega Project 2023 pans out.

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Oh boy, this sounds like a great way to start the most trollish megawad in existence.

I'm curious too how the boards will take the DMP (or is better say, DBMP) formula...

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