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ZDoom->Sector Specials.....help?

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Probably a dumb question, but how do you use sector specials.

I understand that if a 'sector sepcial' thing is placed in a certain sector and the player performs the required movement/action in that sector then it activates (or activates something else). But how do you use it? They don't have any arguments so I can't see how it can start a script or similar.

I've looked around on the boards and websites but can't find any answers :(

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I'm not sure what editor you're using, but I'll give you an example using WadAuthor. From Thing Classes select Sector Actions and from Thing Type say you select Actor Enters Sector (Thing Type 9998). As soon as you select this thing, the Specials drop-down menu is available to you. From there you can select a script or any of the other actions available through ZDooM, with the full complement of arguments.

I'm not sure if I answered your question. If I haven't, go to the ZDooM forums and ask. You'll most likely get better answers than I may be able to provide.

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Thanks that helped. I am using WA but there was no 'Sector Action' listed in the Thing Classes. Reason-> I was using an out of date WCF file. Got the latest wcf now, so I'll play around and see what I can achieve. Thanks.

edit: Yes! I can now do what I wanted :) thanks again

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