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Mentioning WadEx extraction/assembly tool

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Was working on some some batch processing scripts and ran into a tool called WadEx which has very pleasantly surprised me in that it was doing exactly what I was after - extract lumps from wad files, including those following map index lumps - with minimal trickery. And the reason I was surprised was that none of the other tools I was aware of (wadext, deutex, unwad) allowed doing just that.

It's a C# program available on github with a prebuilt windows binary: https://github.com/AyrA/WADex 

Would like to share that bit of info, as the tool is not very high on google search rank and the only reference I was able to find on forums was in the Doom CE thread.

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You may also find LumpMod useful for batch processing of wad lumps. It is another command-line wad tool. I believe the author made it to support a modified doom-engine based fangame they worked on, but to my experience it works without issues for regular doom wad files too.

10 hours ago, ramon.dexter said:

What advantages does it have over slade3?

Probably the point is that it can be used for command-line batch processing of wad files, which to my knowledge isn't possible with slade3 as it has no commandline interface for doing wad operations. It may however be possible to get some batch operations done using the console in slade3, but I'm not familiar enough with it to tell how much can be done with it. Either way without a suitable command-line interface, slade3 still can't really be used as part of a bigger batch script.

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