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An example of an hill

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I'm trying to make an hill using slopes for my next custom wad and I was wondering if anyone already did something similar before, so I could use it as a frame of reference

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To make naturalistic sloped hills in UDMF, you need to draw a bunch of triangular sectors together. Which in GZDB/UDB's visual mode will make upside down pyramids appear over each vertex of the triangular sectors, like so:


Then you can just select and move those handles up and down like you would with any sector.

If you see any holes like this one, check the shape of the sector where the hole is, to see if it's actually triangular.


And if you can't see any slope handles, press ALT+V, it toggles whether or not the vertex slope handles will render in visual mode.

And here is an example map with the slopes hill from the above screenshots.

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