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Hexen 2 source port?

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I installed Hexen 2 with both normal and GL versions. The GL version gives me glide errors that I am discussing in another forum, and it looks like I would need a VooDoo card to fix them. The normal verion, however, gives no error, but it does have scary flickering visual problems. Is there a source port out there for Hexen 2 that might fix this? I am using XP Home.

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Also, be sure to install the official 1.11 patch (download from Activision), but in any case you'll have to delete the OpenGL32.DLL file from your Hexen II folder.

I have also done the Unofficial v1.13 Patch recently (the page title says HexenWorld, by the confusion of webmaster; this is not HexenWorld), which hopefully fixes most annoyances in the OpenGL version (like gamma not working, various HOM effects, overbrighted/overdarkened areas, model lighting not working properly, system speed dependence issues, stray lines on 2D graphics, etc), but as of currently, it's rather slow and still has bugs. Work will continue, the current plan holds that v1.14 (which again is to be mostly bug fix release) is to be out by the end of Ferbuary.

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