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ZDoom Applications Updates

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Randy Heit has updated the ZDoom pages a couple of times in the last few days with new versions of both ACC and ZETH. As for ACC, version 1.26 now supports proper long file names.

There is also a Windows version you can use with Windows editors except WadAuthor. WadAuthor uses a weird program to trick ACC into thinking Windows isn't present, so you will need to use the standard DOS version of ACC with WadAuthor.

On the ZETH front, version 4.17 has these things changed and added:

* Updated specialz.cfg file.
* Asks you for the IWAD's location if the one specified in the game's cfg is wrong.
* Suggests you edit or delete zeth.ini if it has an error.
* New misc menu options to find first free line ID and poly ID.

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And again, I'd rather like to see a "final" ZDoom version rather than new versions of ZETH :P

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