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WAD-a-teka 2022

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I'm that type of a guy who like to play every wad released in the year, guess if I've had a topic dedicated to wads released in one year cycle, some sort of a library, but for wads...

The dedication of this topic is pretty straight-forward - have a minimalist recap of every notable or substantial release. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel, and use already familiar guidelines and formats that we got (with some minor changes), thanks to @rd..

Inclusion guidelines:


- Basically, suggest any released wad minus Terry wads, absolute troll wads and something like "5-minute room-boxes wad".

-  We will include also MP wads and probably Heretic and Hexen wads.


- Relevant dates: November 15, 2021 to November 15, 2022. We will use this as a cycle, for every year. 


- The wad should be released at least in beta form, so let's hold off from WIPs.

- There won't be my opinions of wads.

Some more info (pretty much a copypasta, still take a look):


It will be a big, organized list formatted as such:
FLORCEIL by Unknown
Doom 2, vanilla, 1 map


The primary goal of the list will be to make it convenient to find wads that exist.

Basic info guidelines:


- [Wad Title] by author(s) 


- IWAD, Format, Maps. Examples: "Doom 2, GZDoom, 1 map" or "Adventures of Square, GZDoom (4.5.0 or later), 2140 maps" 


- For community projects, the author field is generally "[project leader here] et al."


- The map count shouldn't include pure credits/outro maps or things like skip maps. For example last year's Mutabor is a single-map release, despite having a "thanks for playing" map and a bonus map. But the map count would include things like monsterless hub maps in the flow of progression.


- Formats are stuff like: vanilla, limit-removing, Boom-compatible, Eternity, ZDoom, GZDoom. Specific ports, like Doomsday, CDoom, and Steve Boom, might not necessarily be formats. If you are unsure about this (or any other info), you can ask.

Screenshot guidelines:


- 3-6 screenshots in 4:3 aspect ratio (3 shots for single maps or very short mapsets, 6 shots  for hefty megawads ... play it by ear, I won't be too fussy about this)


- use a zoomed-out HUD, without a status bar (either no HUD visible at all or the most minimal HUD), unless the wad specifically has a baked-in hud. using monsters or not doesn't matter. 


- if you are taking screenshots from a mapset or megawad, try to space them out appropriately (for example with Heartland, don't take every single shot of one map).


- so that people can understand what the wad looks like as a baseline: try to use reasonably default settings (or author-recommended ones if that applies -- particularly with lighting).


- on the above, for example: ideally take shots of vanilla wads in an oldschool port's software mode. with GZDoom wads, ideally use no extra visual flair mods or crosshair (if the wad's settings don't default to one) and don't add things like ambient occlusion. try not to use gl lighting modes that are too unusual, for example "bright" with most things.


- if you want to take a ton of screenshots for RAMP, I probably will say yes lol  

- I'll have to turn away screenshots for things like "is staring at the floor" or "the screen is entirely red because the player just got hit by two cyber rockets," but also if something is deeply wrong with the shot (glitching sky due to improper settings, missing textures due to wrong iwad, etc.) 


- preferably have played the wad, so you have some sort of idea what areas might work for screenshots already. 


- try not to be too spoilery with Easter eggs or the like; if you're not sure, use the author's own shots as a guideline for what they would want the player to know of beforehand. 

Other info:
Series with numerous releases like ASS and PUSS will likely have one combined entry with appropriate links to all entries in the series, rather than multiple individual entries. To make up for that, they can have more screenshots (10, 15, or 20) if someone really wants to do that. 

How to contribute:
Here I gladly asking you for help, if you know a wad that was released in this year-cycle, please pm me or post it here using guidelines like so:


FLOORCEIL by Unknown

Doom 2, vanilla, 1 map



... a set of screenshots will be also very helpful, if there are wads, that have no screens. 


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This post will act as table of content, that gets updated every week or two.

Table of Contents:

- Doom 2 

    -- Conversions (Total, or Partial with very significant changes)

    -- Community Projects and Special Events

    -- Wad Series 

    -- Speedmapping

    -- Niche Slaughter and Challenge

    -- Megawads (General)

    -- Mapsets (General)

    -- Single Maps (General)

    -- Multiplayer 

- Ultimate Doom

- TNT and Plutonia

- Heretic and Hexen

- Standalone

Current: completed entries | 0 total entries

                                                                                    Doom 2 

                                                                                  Community Projects and Special Events

                                                                                  Wad Series


                                                                                  Niche Slaughter and Challenge

                                                                                  Megawads (General)
                                                                                  Mapsets (General)

                                                                                  Single Maps (General)


                                                                                   Ultimate Doom

                                                                                   TNT and Plutonia

                                                                                   Heretic and Hexen


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