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Nintendo DS McDonald's Training Program Finally Available

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Ever wanted to work at McDonald's? Luckily for you, the company's best kept secret besides what the fuck is in a McRib has been revealed: a training app for the Nintendo DS, once thought to be a myth, has now been uploaded to the internet!

Don't get smart, get eSMART 2.0 and become the burger-flipper you've always wanted to be.

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Awesome! There's actually another McDonalds training cart called eCDP found a little over a year ago by Nick Robinson, which has fortunately been dumped as well. He made a really interesting video on his quest to obtain it:


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I’m guessing this streamlines the training process quite well, though I can’t imagine this training process is used where I live. Fast food service is usually hit or miss here.




When I saw this thread I was shocked to see it wasn’t started by MCD_james. Man’s usually the first to know about all developments in the fast food industry.  He truly has lost his touch ;)


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