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Making Wintex 4.8 work?

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Whenever i try to start up Wintex v4.8 , i get an error message 'File Not Found!'

Ive reviewed the .ini file and redirected to my doom2 directories where appropriate, but in the pile of files it looks for, i have a scant few of the programs listed for use, how do i get these to be 'ignored' by the .ini? Or in general, how do I make this thing work? Wintex 3.4 works fine, but has far less in its .ini file to deal with.

I do (obviously) have the threed.vbx and vbrun300.dll in my windows\system.

Oh dear God, what NEXT to edit ???? lol

Thanks in advance

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I've tried installing WinTex on this machine more than once and it always does something like that, even after I mess with the config file, download DLLs, etc.

On another machine it worked, though.

You can always try XWE, which is, in my opinion, somewhat better than WinTex. Anyway the latter's popularity has a lot to do with long time usage, so if you're new to this you should probably just ignore WinTex, especially if it's being a bitch.


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WinTex will not work on MS Win2000 Professional. I tried making it work a couple of years ago, posted on multiple forums, and the answer was always the same -- it won't work on my system. It works fine on my older Win95 machine, but I've not tried in on WinXP (which I have on my laptop).

If you're looking for a utility simply for lump management (i.e., manipulation of graphics, textures, sprites, sounds, etc.), do as Myk says and get XWE. Lump management is, IMO, far easier than on WinTex, which I used for a couple of years before switching. XWE is a fair map editor too, and can be used for ZDooM editing, which WinTex cannot.

Another good alternative to WinTex for lump management is DeepSea. The free share-ware version offers full lump management capabilities.

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You have to get the missing DLL (LBWINTEX.DLL) from the original wintex 4.3. Either he forgot or ? The other dll's are in the "elements.zip" (which you already have - but for anyone else reading this).

Anyway it works on both XP and WIN2000 if you copy the missing files. Just verified. For newer ports, better to switch to something else though.

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