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msx2plus' stinky MIDIs

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i'm usually a tracker music person, but i started making MIDIs while working on time tripper. a MIDI soundtrack counterpart has been sacrificed from the second episode onwards (the music is getting far too, uh, not-MIDI-friendly) , but that doesn't mean i stopped making MIDIs!


you can grab them all @ https://heckscaper.com/computermusic/midi/ - feel free to use them however.


here are some sc-55/sc-88 recordings of some of them - i try to do recordings of tunes as i finish them, since i'm usually composing with the sc-55 or sc-88 in mind (but i try to crosscheck against the default microsoft cheapo-sc55 since i know it's the most common way they'll be heard)






Edited by msx2plus

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Can indeed confirm that these MIDIs are not stinky.
I can't honestly say anything that hasn't been already said, all these MIDIs are great, and the way you play around with the instruments to create unique sounds is very cool and something I honestly aspire to learn (especially after listening to Valley of the Stars, that slaps).
I honestly don't have anything else to add, these are incredible.

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2 minutes ago, yakfak said:

1:20!!!! 😍😍 nice mood altogether


thanks kindly zan <3 means a lot coming from you

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