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Floor texturing question

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So, i encountered a weird situation: While using Final Doom resources, the textures not only register as wall textures, but UDB (and previous versions) also recognizes them as flats (even though they can be 256,128 unit wide or long). After that i figured out that you an write practically name of any texture in Doom 2 IWAD and the it will paste it on the floor, it shows up as an unknown texture in doom builder, but in GZdoom it just shows the tuxture pasted on the floor. Will this work in Boom\Vanilla source ports? 

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Nope. AFAIK it will only work on UDMF ports, so stuff like Eternity and ZDoom.

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Being able to use flats as wall textures and vice versa is a feature of some source ports, not a feature of Vanilla Doom.


Though it has nothing to do with the map format like dotQLL states.

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