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Dark Nexus

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Since I'm new here, I'm still getting use to people not knowing what Dark Nexus is. Well, for those of you who don't know, Dark Nexus is my megawad, which I plan on releasing for ZDoom, Legacy, and JDoom (once I completely figure JDoom editing out).

All 32 levels are covered, and it uses Doom64 resources. I started working on this a couple months before Deathman released DSV4, and have been working on it since. I fully had DeePsea (my editor of choice) figured out around May, and decided that I wanted to get into mapping big, so this is what I decided to create.

The ZDoom port will include all the graphics and sounds, and seperatly an optional mp3 wad, which will contain Doom64, Quake 1, PSX Doom, and Tapeworm mp3s. Also there are awesome remixes of a couple of the original songs from Ultimate Doom.

Legacy will have a few levels excuslive to it's version, and new areas in maps ported over from ZDoom (the majority). Of course you all realize this is because of the 3D capabilities in Legacy. I would recommend this one over any so far, upon it's completion and release. I don't know why, but there's something special about this version I've felt when mapping it.

JDoom is still a mystery to me. I just started officially mapping with it today. But I've seen what capabilities it has, so I do plan on making Dark Nexus for it too.

Now, the main reason for this thread is the release of a few demos from Dark Nexus I have.

Demo 1- Map01: Enter Fate
- This demo is very large, due to the fact that at the time of it's upload I was using DSV4 as a base to map on, because I wasn't sure as to how I went about inserting resources into my wads. It's a complete version of the level (version 0.1), which has been updated and manipulated alot since it's release. The final version of this level will be something similar to this. It is for ZDoom.

Demo 2- Map11: Synthetic Night- This demo is much smaller than Enter Fate's. The level is dark and I created the music heard within it. It is incomplete, however, I had planned on doing this, so that later upon Dark Nexus' release, people couldn't just breeze through the entire level remembering everything from the demo. It has an temporary exit so it can be completed. It is for ZDoom aswell.

Demo 3- Map10: Mecha-Core- This is the latest level I've been working on, since I've been mapping for Legacy lately, taking a break from ZDoom. It too, is incomplete, but there is an temporary exit, and also, I'm sure it'll keep you busy for a little while at least. As stated, it is for Legacy. Also, as a side note, I burned a cd of Doom tracks in the order I plan on them appearing in Legacy. If you have it, I would play PSX Doom's "Computer Station" level music. It can be found, of course, at the Doom Depot.

These levels are demos, and therfore if there is something you don't like, or you find buggy, I assure you that they'll be out of there in the end. What I would really appreciate is if those of you who download any of these would post your opinions here related overall, or to specific things about the levels so far. Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy playing them! If you have any questions, post those here aswell!

-Melfice Darkmage, Demon-Man of Ruination

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The Demo 1-Enter Fate and Demo 3-Mecha-Core links doesn't work. The first outputs an error message the other a Page Not Found page.

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Fixed the link to Demo 1- Enter Fate.

The link to Demo 3- Mecha-Core may not work, being that it's linked to geocities. I imagined that could have happened, but I figured I'd go ahead and try anyway. I'll try and find somewhere else to upload it to, but until then, the first two demos are up for download, so enjoy them!

If I can't get the 3rd working, Just post on here you want to try it out and I'll email it to you. It's only 1.6 mb zipped.

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