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"Train" demo

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this is a demo (UDMF) of how a moving vehicle could transport the player in a level.


It consists of:

  • 6 polyobjects which make the vehicle
  • 4 light things (two front & back each)
  • 3 custom ambient sound things (one for each door plus the vehicle itself)

The player is moved along with Scroll_Floor (using SCROLL_AND_CARRY).


All TIDs (13) can be configured in the script editor, along with the distance and the vehicle speed.



  • The floor and ceiling textures of the middle of the track are scrolling with the vehicle since the height of polyobjects cannot be limited (at least textures do not scroll with the player in the vehicle)
  • Player movement is frozen when inside the vehicle after doors close (this is to keep the player from moving around and blocking the polyobject parts of the vehicle, I also added linedefs to push player back)
  • Only straight tracks supported
  • High vehicle velocity adds flickering to lights



  • Replace inner track texture with bland color for better illusion effect (maybe it helps a little)
  • Check door polyobjects if player blocks movement when opening/closing
  • Change sound of moving vehicle
  • Maybe implement turning mechanism (& station logic?)




Download Train.zip

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