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Coop Utils mod for LZDoom/GZDoom (Survival and more...)

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Hi everyone!, I am Stradex and I usually don't do stuff for classic doom but recently I discovered LZDoom and I really wished to have survival like in Zandronum, so with a bit of time I decided to code a Survival Game mode for LZDoom/GZDoom that should be compatible with most of mods and total conversions out there (It is made with ZScript using EventHandlers mostly)


So, what does this addon include?


  • Survival Game mode (Server CVAR: sv_coop_lives)
  • Display player names when you aim at them (Like Zandronum)
  • Spectator free fly mode when you are out of lives (Pressing +attack, usually MOUSE1, will move you to the next player alive position in this mode)
  • Checkpoints system mode (Players can create and use global checkpoints, usually useful for maps that are not prepared for coop)


CVARs info:

  • sv_coop_lives (default 3): Number of lives for each individual player


How to use it?

  • Just plug the file zdoom_coop_utils.pk7 at the end when you host a server and be sure to set the sv_coop_lives at the amount you wish to use.




Doom vanilla (E1M1)

Spectator mode (E1M1)

Round ended

Corruption Cards testing

Corruption Cards testing 2



Download link: Download zdoom_coop_utils_v1.pk7 here!

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Always glad to see such a things for GZDoom! Friend of mine wanted so much to play in survival coop inside of this source-port long time ago...

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