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I want to stop moving the screen up and down when player moves.


I have a question. I'm making a WAD, but the screen goes up and down when the player moves, so I'm getting sick. I used a code to get rid of this, but BOBSTYLE is not applied this time. To prevent this, I would like to ask if it can be solved through FLAG or Decorate. If it is impossible, what method should I use?

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using the console! (I don't know what FLAG is but decorate's a ZDoom thing, so I assume you use one of the Zs)


press tilde (the key above tab)

type movebob 0, press enter (obviously)

press tilde again to make the console go away. You should now be moving smoothly. The default setting is 'movebob 0.25' if you want to play around a bit.


Not sure if there's a menu option but this is called view or move bobbing so using the options search might bring something up.

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