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Black Rose CTF FINAL Release

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Hello everyone.  I am the original modder that created Blackrose CTF.  I would like the project to be officially finished.  I haven't touched the project in a LOOOOONG time.  But I do have a rekindled passion to start another project.  It warms my heart to see that the WAD has been played a few times for events on Zandronum.  I noticed the version being played was missing about half of the levels from the version I had most recently been working on. 


The version that I am uploading is not "finished" by any means.  It was a project that I really had no idea when it would be "done".  

There are 19 maps in this final upload and one unfinished map map20.


Please continue to enjoy the work that was put into the project. 


THANK YOU all so much for enjoying the WAD!

I will be uploading a copy here as well as on dogsoft.net.


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These maps are gorgeous. Forgive my ignorance, but I've never played this as I tend to stick to DM. Still looks very fun and I will totally play it soon. Great work!

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