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Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

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Map 01 UV-Max in 6.40








I said "No way this could be lowered" when i got a 6.77, i got a 6.40, I didn't know 
that the fastest way to kill a cyber was ball + perfectly aligned tracers + ball.


I mean it when I say seriously that this demo is frame perfect from start to finish, it's the first time I used double restart to make a frame perfect start on tic 1, I also made the right angle to pick up the BFG, the pistol was at its lowest point so the swap from the gun to the BFG was literally perfect, then I shot 2 frame perfect balls at the cyberdemon. I dare to say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to lower this demo, I would be very surprised if someday someone makes a 6.3X demo.

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