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Invasion upon Earth: 1.0

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``Are we on?´´
``Yes, Mark.´´
``Ok, good. This is Mark Holmes, reporting live from the ruins of Washington, D.C. I don't know how this catastrophe started, and I don't think I wanna know either, but what's left of humanity out there, they have to see this broadcast. A couple of hours ago, an accident occured in the Pentagon, leaving hundreds of employees dead. I myself, encountered one of the things that were responsible for the massacre at the advanced military center. The beast had pink skin, with yellow eyes that hungered for human flesh. It's mouth was so big it could've swallowed me in one piece. Luckily enough, our cameraman Michael, attacked it from behind with a piece of wood, and hit it several times until the it fell to the ground and screamed in pain. After a few seconds, it dead.

But what really frightened me was the ammount of this hellish creatures. They seemed to have an army in every corner you looked at. I and Mike ran away from them, hiding in a basement near our newsstudio. The military didn't even had time to blink before those freaks showed up from nowhere. We're in a disturbing situation, and we don't know what to do next. If anyone catch this live event, please try to contact at my cellphone. It's our only hope to hear from anyone else, every phoneline has been cut off by those horrible creatures. But now, we have to go up to the surface for a moment and check if anyone needs our help. To be honest, we could use alittle help ourselves.´´


``Why couldn't they have shown up somewhere else, damn it!? Every single buddy of mine had to be killed by those disgusting things! It's time for revenge, it's time to send them back!´´


``Mark, I see someone!´´
``Let's go!´´
``Oh man, he's not in good shape. We have to get him back to the basement, and find a firstaid kit.´´
``Mike, you carry him back, and I'll go and search for that kit!´´
``Ok, but be careful man, we don't know where those monstrosities might have went.´´
``Yeah I know, but we must save this guy's life, even if I have to risk my own.´´


``It's alright man, you're gonna get better in notime. From what I can tell, you're from the Pentagon, right?´´
``Yes......I am. Could I get some water please?´´
``Sure, man.´´
``Here you go. Can you tell me what exactly happened back there? I mean, where did those damn things come from anyway?´´
``Well, due to what's happened recently, I can tell you what's been going on inside the Pentagon for the last couple of weeks. The working scientists at the center had been going trough some research about interdimensional gateways, and they were really interested to operate them. The Gateway project had been cancelled a year ago, due to it's unsuccessful attempts to teleport certain objects trough the gateways in the center. The idea was to build several gateways at important military bases around the globe, if any conflict would rise between the U.S. and any foreign nation. After the complete failure of the attempts, general McAddie ordered to stop teleporting items through the gateways, because we didn't know who or what could get them on the other side.´´
``Wait a minute man, what do you mean by "the other side"?´´
``What scientists could mention as the other side, was another dimension. Ofcourse, nobody knew what was on the other side, because only the items could've reached the other dimension, due to their failure to appear in one of the other gateways in the Pentagon.´´
``This is some real deep shit you're telling me man....´´
``Well, this deep shit is the cause of this catastrophe, you see, the scientists wanted the Gateway project to be operational once again, like a last chance or something. This morning, they wanted that one of their guys would enter gateway 1, and would luckily return back at number 2.´´
``Did he return?´´
``Oh yeah, he returned alright. I was actually in the computer room watching as the poor guy came out from the gateway. Every single one of us were shocked to see in what shape David was in, when he slowly walked down the catwalk. His left arm was missing, and blood was coming out of his mouth. I hurried down to him, trying to stop his bleeding from his mouth. A few medics came shortly after me, but they couldn't hear what David said.´´
``What did he say, man?´´
``He said that they were coming....´´

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I like the way you've made it with only dialogues - it has been done before, but it doesn't hurt to do it again.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very pleased with the broadcast part. I am of the firm belief that news stations would perhaps broadcast news about the first monsters showing up, but once the invasion really is going they'd be too damn busy panicking and trying to save themselves.
Also, what's up with that pinky getting killed with a meager stick?

I doubt a stick would harm it very much (think even whimpier a weapon than the brass knuckles, plus, I doubt the cameraman is as 'beefy' as the doomguy) - it'd likely turn around and feast on this cameraman when the first blow hits it.

I mean for crap's sake, it's a demon! It can take several bullets before it goes down so suggesting that a few blows from a stick can kill it is utter rubbish.

But the last part of it is damn cool, I love the part where david comes back through the gate all messed up and says "They're coming!".

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Yeah I know, I was too caught up in the moment, listening to "The Road To Hell - Chris Rea" lol

I'll be more careful with those battle scenes. Thanks.

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