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Evil Awakenings: All Hallows Eve (Non-Doom Story)

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Note: This story contains adult language, adult situations and the description of sexual activity. Read at your own risk.

"This world's going to Hell, James. And it's all your fault..." A stern, annoyed voice echoed through the subway. The voice came from a slender, pale man with green-dyed hair and several piercings in his left ear. His eyes were surrounded by black eye shadow and his clothes were mostly black save for the red long sleeve shirt under his black Cradle of Filth t-shirt. It was a cold, windy day in October, the day before Halloween.

"What do you mean?" Another voice said as if confused by the other's words. This man's voice was deeper and more afraid than the other. This was James, a football player at the high school up the street from the subway. He had dirty blonde hair and a large build. He was wearing blue jeans and a turtleneck with the words 'Jesus Saves' printed on the front.

"You opened the gate to Hell you fool! Now every demonic entity in the universe is making it's way to the Earth." The nameless man said as he spat on the ground beside him. "James, you're an idiot, and I hope you are among the first to be slaughtered by the Dark One. It's people like you who made me become gothic. Your stupid morals and your idiocy."

"But Eric, I-" James' pleading was cut short as the barrel of a 44. magnum was shoved into his mouth. Eric spun the chambers of the gun and cocked the hammer as he placed his index finger over the trigger.

"I'm sorry you have to die like this James, but you'll have to be killed to stop the forces of evil from destroying this planet. If you die the Dark One won't have a host to become the Antichrist." James began to cry as Eric's finger tightened on the trigger...

Three Weeks Before...

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 9th, 2002. A warm, sunny day at Wilkes High School. The diverse groups of people mingled with their own kind during lunch, jocks with jocks, preps with preps, etc. One group stood out from the others though, they were called the nobodies. They were the people that everybody feared and hated. They were spit on, teased and mocked and even assaulted, they were scapegoats of all the problems that the school had. One gothic teen named Eric was the leader, and the instigator of most of the fights the school had during various school events. His girlfriend was also a Goth named Kristen, she had ruby-dyed hair and freckles. She wore black, mostly upper-body mesh, with various under clothing under it. She wore spiked bracelets and a bondage collar. Her and Eric were know throughout the school for their various sexcapades, often sneaking into bathrooms and having sex during classes or littering the school with various sex toys.

Today was an especially bad day for Eric, he had been dragged into a restroom and beaten by several jocks because they felt he had offended them by not showing up at their football game. One of the jocks, James, was the first to hit Eric, punching him in the stomach as several other jocks held him down.

"Come on Eric, fight back!" James taunted as he punched Eric again. Eric coughed up blood and spat it in James' face. He then tried kicking at James but to no avail. James winded his fist back and drove it into Eric's mouth, splitting open his lip and bruising his cheek. Wiping the blood from his face he slammed Eric's head against the wall. Another jock back-handed Eric, knocking him out.

"Shit! I think you just killed him! How hard did you hit him, Kyle?" James panicked as he pulled Eric, who was now bleeding from his nose, to the ground with a thud. Eric was now laying in a pool of his own blood, unconscious from the last hit.

"I don't fucking know! Was I supposed to hit him with a toilet paper role or something?" Kyle asked as he looked at Eric's bleeding face before looking back at James.

"Just shut the fuck up and drag him into the stall, I'll go get a teacher and tell them we came in and found him on the crapper bleeding." James said as he headed for the door. He pushed open the door and ran into the first room he found.

Opening the door, "Mr. Jenkinson, I found Eric in the restroom bleeding to death! You have to come help him!" Mr. Jenkinson jumped up out of his chair and ran out the door. Back in the bathroom, Eric was just beginning to wake from his dazed slumber, he mumble something about olives as he began to come to. He then rubbed his head and mumbled something else.

"What the hell happened?" He quizzed wantingly.

"Um... we found you sitting on the toilet bleeding from your nose. Are you alright?" Kyle lied as he tried to cover up the blood on the back of his hand. Eric tried pulling himself up but fell onto the floor with a thud. Just then Mr. Jenkinson came into the bathroom and gasped as he saw Eric laying on the floor bleeding from his face. He rushed over to Eric's side and rolled him onto his back, he then picked him up and carried him out of the bathroom down the hallway.

James came into the bathroom laughing, "Hey guys, that was great, I've never did something that violent in my life." He then ran over to the sink, "I've gotta get this fag's blood off of my hand before that idiot teacher comes back." James and his posse of oversized buddies marched from the bathroom and towards the nurses office at the other end of the corridor. He hesitantly opened the door of the office and was greeted by a detention pass being shoved into his face. Grabbing it, he looked at it in confusion and shock, why did he get a detention?

"That is for beating the snot out of me you Neanderthal. And for all of the misery and sorrow you caused me these past couple months of school." Eric taunted as he got up and pushed his way out of the office and back towards the cafeteria where his friends were. James looked at the detention and grimaced, he didn't need this he thought as he crumbled it up in his fist.

"Now, James, you're lucky we didn't suspend you for this little restroom rumble. Otherwise you'd be unable to play in the game this Friday. If we don't win the game we'll be the laughing stock of the whole city. You don't want that. Now get to lunch." Mr. Jenkinson suggested as he got up to go back to his room. James and his buddies moved aside to let the teacher leave, then they headed for the cafeteria. Eric had already sat down and was busy carving pentagrams and crucifixes into his arm with a mechanical pencil. Kristen watched, eagerly waiting for the pencil so she could mutilate herself. Eric's friends stared at him with looks of disgust and fear. Just as Eric was finishing a pentagram, James purposely bumped into him, causing him to lacerate a more than what he wanted.

"You bastard! Now I'm bleeding from my arm, too!" Eric shouted as he spun around stabbing at James. Narrowly missing, he fell to the floor and stabbed James' leg as he lay on the ground. James screamed as he gripped his leg in agony before falling to the ground and beginning to cry. Now everyone in the cafeteria was laughing at James, even his friends. James, picked himself up off the ground and limped over to his lunch table. As the laughing stopped, James noticed that Eric and Kristen had disappeared. Now he would be paranoid all day, wondering where Eric and Kristen were, waiting for a sneak attack that would probably never come. James, however, was wrong, Eric and Kristen had simply left and went into a nearby restroom to fuck. As soon as they had entered the restroom they started tearing the clothes from one another and now Kristen was busy giving Eric a blowjob.

"Hey, Kris, I got a question, why are you so good at this?" Eric asked as he tried not to sound like an asshole, but like usual, he did.

"Umm... I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be good at sucking you off. Besides, I could stop now." Kristen purred before getting back to work on Eric, who ejaculated right in her face as she lowered herself over his dick. "You know, Eric, I really didn't need your cum all over my face." She said wiping ejaculate from around her mouth and off other parts of her face.

"Sorry, I couldn't hold it in any longer. Well, what do you wanna do now?" Eric apologized as he sat up.

"Eat me now, bitch!" Kristen commanded with a devilish grin as she dug her nails into Eric’s chest and slashing downward, making him bleed. "Come on, Eric, don't make me spank you."

"Violent today, Kristen? A spanking sounds pretty good, but I'll eat you first." He said as Kristen rolled onto her back and spread her legs. James was now running through the school looking for Eric and Kristen because he was afraid they would somehow get him back for the what he did to Eric today. The last time he did something to Eric he ended up with a dead cat in his locker, which make his locker stink so bad that the smell could never be removed from the gym clothes in his locker or his book bag. This is what James feared the most, getting humiliated because of torturing Eric and his friends. He ran down a hallway and went into the Principal's office.

"Mr. Glutinben, have you seen Eric or Kristen anywhere today?" James questioned as he tried to watch the hallway and make sure Eric and Kristen didn't decide to attack.

"Yeah, James, I saw them head down the hallway to the left. Why are you looking for them?" The Principal asked as he got up from his seat to give some files to the his assistant.

"Eric has my Math book and he and Kristen ran off with it. Were they carrying anything with them when they went past?" James lied as his paranoia got to him some more. "They could have left with my book." He said looking back into the hallway.

"Kristen had a book bag and Eric was carrying a large brown book that looked like something from a really cheesy horror movie. Was that your Math book, James?" The Principal asked, trying to confuse him because he knew he was lying.

"No, my book had a fuzzy, blue cover on it to keep it from getting damaged. Well, I guess I'll go get my book now." James spoke before leaving the room and heading down the hall. This hall was filled with various trolleys of cleaning chemicals. James knew they had to be in the bathroom here, it was the only place no one would ever think they would be. He was right, too. Pushing open the door, he stepped in just as Kristen was pulling her pants up. Eric noticed James and gave him a grim look. Kristen was too preoccupied with fixing her bra to see James staring at her.

"Hey, asshole, do you mind? I do believe she's my girlfriend, not yours." Eric confirmed as he moved towards James who was now focused on him.

"Let him look at me, he'll never get a girlfriend. He's too busy fuckin' his football buddies up the ass to get a woman. Besides, he probably wouldn't want a girlfriend because of his strong 'Christian Faith'." Kristen mocked James as she managed to get her cleavage into her bra so she could put her mesh shirt on. James was now severely afraid that something would happen because his friends weren't there to help him. Eric picked up his book from the ground and pushed past James.

"You know, James, you really do torture me and Eric. Why do you do it? Do you get off on it, does it make you feel powerful? Well, it doesn't, you're only feeding a tapeworm that will eventually emaciate you. It's truly sad that you're such a waste of flesh and bone that could have been used to make a decent person. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go find Eric." Kristen said as she picked up her book bag and tried going past James. With one swift movement, James grabbed Kristen's arm, making her drop her book bag.

"Listen here, bitch, I don't do anything to you freaks. You bring it on yourselves by looking and acting the way you do. Now, take your book bag and find your faggy-ass boyfriend before I decide to bruise your pretty face." James screamed, making Kristen kick him right in the balls. James let go of her arm and fall to the floor, gasping for air and holding himself. "You bitch, " he muttered in between his broken breathing pattern. This made Kristen kick him in the balls again. Grabbing her bag, she gave James another kick and pushed her way out the door. James' worst fears had unfolded and he was defeated, and to boot he would probably never be able to have kids now. Picking himself up off the floor he stumbled into the hallway where Eric was waiting with a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other. James was now terrified to the point that he forgot all about the pain of his testicles slowly swelling. Eric attacked with the bucket first, throwing it at James who grabbed it, this prompted Eric to swing the mop. The force of the mop hitting the bucket hitting James' face sent him flying to the ground.

"Who's bitch are you now?" Eric taunted as he picked up the bucket and hit James in the face with it. James' forehead split open with a spray of blood. Noticing this, Eric bolted off with Kristen in tow. James again picked himself off the floor and carried himself to his locker. He had spent most of seventh, eighth and ninth periods wandering the halls, the school day would be ending in about five minutes. He opened his locker and grabbed his book bag, being sure that no teachers saw him. The last thing he need was for a teacher to get him in trouble. His face was still bleeding and the blood on his white hooded-sweatshirt was already dry and beginning to crack and fall off. Just as James was closing his locker the bell rang, and a stampede of kids rushed into the hall. James was lucky enough to get outside before he got trampled by the mobs of people.

"Shit, I have to serve a detention. Bastard teachers." James cursed as loud as he could. All of the people around him started staring as he stomped back into the school building. Many of the teachers had also left, James had to now get to the detention room, which was two stories above him. He trudged up to sets of stairs and pushed the detention room door open, which to his surprise, was completely empty. The only person in the room was the detention teacher, Mrs. Laileb. She sat at her desk reading a text book about Roman mythology. As James walked into the room he got the feeling that Eric and Kristen were in the room. The desks in the room were modified so the students would be as uncomfortable as possible so they wouldn't fall asleep.
James walked up to the first desk he saw and sat down, unaware of Eric and Kristen who had just came in through another door in the room.

"Oh, James, I have a note from Couch Natas, you're going to serve your detention with him. Eric and Kristen, you'll remain here." Mrs. Laileb said looking up from her book and taking notice of the three students. James couldn't believe it, the couch really wanted him to spend detention with him! Eric and Kristen just found this to be another opportunity to sneak into the bathroom and have sex. James jumped up from his twisted, metal desk and ran out the door celebrating. Eric sat behind Kristen, and was busy playing with the back of her bra.

"Eric, if you undo my bra I swear to my God that I will bitch-slap the shit outta you." Kristen warned as she turned around to look at Eric.

"Swearing to God? Should we not swear at God?" He corrected, trying his best to be funny and make Kristen cheer up. "You know, Kristen, if the teacher has to leave we can find new uses for her desk."

"Your a sick, sick, sick pervert, Eric, and I love you for it." Kristen said grinning evilly. The teacher hadn't noticed anything and was still reading her book. Kristen turned back around and opened a notebook she had in her pile of folder and whatnot. This notebook was filled with various drawings, like demons and other evil things, it also contained spells she had copied from Eric's brown book he always carried with him. Eric also pulled out a notebook and finished a drawing of Kristen.

"Hey, Kris, turn around again, tell me if this looks like you." He dictated while holding his notebook up for Kristen to see. Turning around she began to get uncomfortable in her piece of shit of a desk. Her face got a look of disturbance on it.

"Eric, can't you make anything anatomically correct? My boobs need to be two times bigger than that. You should know that from experience, don't you pay attention?" Kristen asked as she suddenly looked at her cleavage and sighed. "Now, Eric, what's my bra-size? You should know, you've sniffed all of my panties and stole at least four of my bras which I better get back soon."

"Damnit, now I have to think. Umm... 34C? Am I correct, do I get to fuck you as the grand prize?" Eric sarcastically answered as he stared at Kristen's chest.

"No, you can fuck me later, though. And my bra-size is 35D you jackass. Now, where the hell did you put my bras?" She quizzed, trying to make Eric tell her where he hid her underwear. "Well, are you gonna answer me or not?"

"Do you really want them back? You must really like cum if want them back that bad." Eric smiled at Kristen as he started to grab for his book.

"You sick fuck, you jerked off on my bras?! What the hell made you do that? You fuck me at least five times a day and you are still so sexually deprived that you have to masturbate? You can keep the bras now." Kristen exploded at Eric who was laughing his ass off. "Yeah, laugh now, later I won't show you any mercy in bed."

"Was that an invitation? You know I like it rough," Eric gleefully confirmed as Kristen turned back around and muttered something. After finally regaining some sort of sanity, Eric opened his book to a page with the words 'Artwork From Hell' at the top. The page had pictures depicting women being raped and men and children being executed or in slave labor. A drawing of the Prince of Darkness was in the center of the page. He had long goat horns, large muscular arms and torso, and a throne of skulls. He was wearing an all back robe with an X'd crucifix on the chest. Souls flowed in the boiling sulfur around his throne of decay. Eric turned the page, revealing more artwork, this time of another Arch-Demon, Abraxas. He too wore a black robe, but this one had a hood, and most of the fiend's face was shadowed except his long frog-like tongue that wrapped itself around the shaft of the battle ax he was holding. The image on the mirroring page was a map of Hell.

Eric was enchanted by the images in the book so much that he wanted to actually be in Hell standing beside the deformed angels he looked at. As Eric scanned the page he saw runes that he could have sworn were never in the book before. He traced through the tome to the back index that translated the Demonic language to English, but the runes weren’t in the Demonic language, they were just runes. By this time, James had made it to the Coach’s office, but noticed that he had left his book bag in the detention room with Eric and Kristen, oh shit.

“Coach Natas, you wanted to see me? This isn’t about my problem with Eric today, is it?” James asked as he pulled a folding chair out of the closet and unfolded it in front of the Coach’s desk. The Coach, who was preoccupied at the moment eventually caught on to the fact that James was there.

“Oh James, why are you here?” He boomed in his loud, ignorant voice that was especially useful for football games. The Coach was the kind of person who would beat you into hamburger meat and apologize afterwards, and he wasn’t too smart either.

“Didn’t you send a note to Mrs. Laileb? She told me to come down here to serve my detention with you.” James announced as he became nervous, sweat was beginning to develop and run down his caveman-like forehead. The Coach just shook his head in what seemed to be confusion and sent James home, but first he needed to retrieve his book bag. As he made his way back into the building, Eric had swiped his book bag, and like he did to Kristen’s bras, masturbated all over and inside of it. The sticky mess had been thrown in the corner next to a shelf holding various historic and ancient artifacts, mostly Roman and Greek.

“Mrs. Laileb, may I see your book for a second, I’d like to look at it.” Eric said as he got out of his deviously made desk. The teacher took no notice of his question and continued reading, this made a chill go up Kristen’s spine as she watched Eric walk to the teacher’s desk. As Kristen got up to join Eric, James strolled into the room, searching for his possessions. Kristen grabbed Eric by the arm and pulled him toward the door, James looked at them with utter confusion as he noticed his stuff in the corner.

“Eric, get our stuff, we have to go. I’m getting some fucked up vibes from that teacher, I’m not even kidding how much this is freaking me out.” Kristen pleaded as Eric looked at her with a stupid look on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and went to get their stuff. James picked up his book bag and dropped it as soon as he had picked it up. A long slimy trail of semen stuck to his fingers and his book bag like a spider web. Kristen looked at him and tried to keep from laughing, but couldn’t and ended up making Mrs. Laileb look up from her book. As she did, Eric grabbed his and Kristen’s books and was on his way out of the room with her.

“What was that?” She questioned as she got up out of her seat and straightened her black, cotton dress. James was uneasy with the way she asked him that question, she sounded just too…libidinous to be a teacher. Dismayed, James hesitantly picked up his book bag, this probably would end with James in trouble with the school, the police or Eric and Kristen.
Speaking of those two, let’s get back to them. It was raining now, and both Eric and Kristen were scurrying around the streets of Fort Lauderdale. Eric ran up behind Kristen and wrapped his arms around her midsection, hugging her tightly. Kristen gasped as she spun her head to see what was going on. She set her book bag with all of their belongings down on the sidewalk as Eric’s drug his hands up and groped her breasts.

“Stop that, lets go to my house, we can do this there.” She protested as she giggled and broke herself from Eric’s grasp long enough to her book bag. “We’re almost there, we won’t have to wait long.” Kristen grabbed Eric’s hand and ran home with him, her house sat at the edge of a lake that at one point was a toxic waste dump. The house itself was a toxic waste dump, though, the siding was falling off, shingles littered the yard and the walls were riddled with bullet holes. “We have to go in through the back door so nobody sees us.” Kristen warned as she pulled him behind the house. Eric looked at her and turned the knob, then gave the door a push. But instead of opening, the door slammed into the floor, alerting anybody in the house. Eric and Kristen ran up the steps next to the door, only caring not to get caught.

“So, what do we do now?” Eric inquired as he opened up one of Kristen’s dresser drawers. Shutting it quickly, he went over to her bed and sat beside her. Looking up at him she grinned and pushed him back.

“Shit this isn’t good!” James screamed as he ran home in the pouring rain, at least it would clean some of the cum off of his book bag, though. Stopping for a second he noticed the hangout spot for Eric and his friends, an old abandoned subway by the school. The place had been trashed by them and the offices below the streets had been conformed into Satanic alters for Eric and Kristen’s Black Masses. He wandered down the steps and was quickly detained by two Goths who had been sitting in the dark. “What the fuck do you queers want from me?” He screamed before one punched him in the stomach.

“We do not speak our minds, we simply obey. We were ordered to beat you down and leave you in the street. So, prepare yourself, fucker.” The two mercenaries mercilessly thrashed James into a bloody mess and tossed him onto the sidewalk. “May that serve as a lesson never to enter the grounds of High Priest Riley or High Priestess Rockmore, disobeying our lesson will result in a more severe beating. Now, be off, or we’ll gladly come out there for you.” One of them sneered as James picked himself up and ran off. “Acid, do you think he’ll show up here again?”

“I doubt it, besides, if he did see what was down there he would never want to come back.” Acid suggested as the other Goth stepped back into the darkness. “Where are you going, Toxic?”

Back at Kristen’s house, she was straddling Eric and they were fucking to the drum beat of Marilyn Manson’s ‘I Don’t Like the Drugs [But the Drugs Like Me]’. As the song faded out, Kristen began to gyrate faster on Eric. The song ‘New Model No. 15’ kicked in right as Kristen climaxed and then collapsed on Eric who pulled himself out before he came, too. ”I’m the new, I’m the new, new model/I’ve got nothing inside/Better in the head and in bed/At the office/I can suck and I smile/New/New/New model.” The chorus of the song blasted through the stereo’s speaker towers, Marilyn Manson’s nasal scream making the room vibrate.

“So, Eric, what are we doing later? Are we holding another ceremony in the subway with Acid, Toxic and the others?” Kristen purred as she kissed Eric. He held his breath and sighed, a sign that he wasn’t going to until she mentioned it. “What’s wrong, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?”

“No, I got out of your bed, remember?” Eric said being sarcastic and laughing to himself, “Damn, we have to get going. All ceremonies start at 7:06, and right now it’s 6:30.” Eric jumped off the bed and put his pants on, then his shirts and then his spiked jewelry. Kristen watched him as he did all of this, she was still in the mood for kinky, naughty sex.

“What kind of spell are we doing? Are we gonna do a Lust spell? Please, let’s do a Lust spell!” Kristen said as she began pleasuring herself. Eric looked up at her and smiled as he watched her stimulating all of her naughty parts.

“Yes, we’ll do a Lust spell. Now, put on some clothes so we don’t get arrested for public nudity.” Eric joked. Kristen got up off of the bed on kissed Eric full on the lips, shocking even him because he wasn’t expecting it. Eric opened the window and then grabbed his spell book, looking back at Kristen he stepped through the window onto the roof, “I’ll see you there.” He then jumped from the roof and ran down the street towards the subway. Kristen put on her pants and only a mesh shirt, no bra. She wasn’t going to school so she didn’t need one, besides, she’d be taking her clothes off to fuck Eric anyways.

James sat in his room, dried blood all over his muscular frame. He sat and thought, why wasn’t he allowed in the subway? After all it was public property, and trespassers weren’t allowed in the subway. There must be some weird Satanic ritual going on down there! He had to go now. He got up and opened his bedroom door, only to be greeted by his mom telling him to take off his bloody clothes and get in the shower. So much for that brilliant idea.

“Acid, Toxic, it’s Eric. Can we gather the masses tonight?” Eric yelled into the subway, hopefully getting Acid or Toxic’s attention. Toxic was the first to appear from the darkness, his black, chin-length hair blowing in the wind. His face was covered in piercings, and his mesh top was torn all to Hell. His greenish-white eyes glistened in the fading sunlight. Acid was the next to materialize from the shadows. Acid’s hair was shaved in the back and sides, leaving only his blue bangs to hang in his face. His face was always shrouded in darkness, not even Eric or Toxic knew what it looked like. Acid wore a robe, which accounted for his mystic. “Well, guys?”

“High Priest Riley, I do detest your idea for a ritual tonight. Half of the masses are gone for spiritual enlightenment at the library. Do you wish for a private Lust ritual between you and High Priestess Rockmore?” Acid hissed out of his facial darkness, obviously annoyed from being bothered out of whatever wicked things he and Toxic were doing. “We’ll even get Priestess Black to accompany you two.” Acid added as devious thoughts paced through his head. “You’ll get to have a threesome so to speak…” Eric smiled, Toxic smiled and Acid laughed, that was the only way to tell that he was amused. This frightened Toxic, he had never seen Acid laugh when not beating the shit out of something.

“Sure, I’ll have a three-way Lust ritual with Amy and Kristen, I like the way you think Acid. Oh, and do you know what these runes are?” Eric asked before handing his spell book to the eager hands of Toxic. Skimming through the book, he eventually found the page with the runes, then shook his head.

“They look like Roman letters, I’ll have someone look at it. But for now, go on down and wait for High Priestess Rockmore and Priestess Black.” Toxic spat as he looked down into the pitch blackness of the subway. Eric simply nodded and headed down the steps into the devouring shade. Acid looked to Toxic, “What are you looking at, Acid?”

“You’re so fucking gullible. You know that, right?” Acid continued, “You follow everything that he says, do you like it? The feeling of being a slave?” Acid seemed very pissed off by Eric and Toxic. “You’re just as pathetic as the people of this world. The Dark One was right when he said you were worthless.” With the word worthless being the only thing to bug Toxic now he stepped back into the darkness to become another vague shadow. Acid laughed to himself and he too stepped into the shroud of black. Eric felt his way through the dimly lit subway to find his main ritual chamber, he knew this place too well. He found the room, and standing on the crudely drawn pentagram on the floor was Amy. She was a Goth like all of Eric’s friends, and her black-dyed hair was strung up in horn-like pigtails on either side of the top of her head. Her mesh top was covered up by a halter top-like dress that was several sizes too small for her petit figure. Her black elbow length gloves were covered in runes she had scribbled on for quick reference.

“So, Eric, what’s up?” She grinned in the fainted light that was produced by the short-circuiting lights above her. Walking towards Eric her grin turned into a wicked smile, “So, when is Kristen gonna get here so I can feel you inside me?”

“Um… I don’t know, she was supposed to be here several minutes ago. How have you been since last I saw you?” Eric kindly invited as he became perturbed by Amy’s strong sexual presence. Amy didn’t even acknowledge his question and got on her knees in addition to beginning to unzip his pants. As Amy was placing her hand in Eric’s jeans Acid decided to appear in the doorway.

“High Priest Riley, the High Priestess is here, and Amy, please wait for High Priestess Rockmore before you start anything.” Acid stated as he became disgusted by what he saw. Amy ignored him smiled at Eric who was becoming more worried that Kristen would catch him like this. Amy caught Kristen coming to the doorway and got off of her knees to greet her by groping her breasts and kissing her.

“Hello, Amy. I see you’re as horny as I am, but I get Eric first.” Kristen greeted as she kissed Amy who was taken aback by Kristen’s act of lesbianism. “Oh, and Amy, I brought a strap-on incase you want me to fuck you.” She grinned as she grabbed Amy’s ass. Eric enjoyed all of this and was beginning to want to encourage the two girls to go first. Kristen, who’s cleavage was visible through her mesh top, took of the top and groped her breasts to get herself aroused enough to start on Eric. Amy stood by the door impatiently waiting her turn to suck off Eric. Kristen pressed her lips against Eric’s and kissed him before kneeling in front of him and pulling his cock out of his pants. She placed it to her mouth and licked the head of it, making him quiver, then she proceeded to put it into her waiting mouth.

Kristen bobbed her back and forth over his member making it feel like he was fucking her, a feeling he liked. She groped his balls with one hand and with the other she jerked him off as she sucked on the head of his dick. After several minutes of this he came inside of her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop, Amy had watched and was somewhat aroused. She silently made her way to Kristen and Eric and started to lick the remaining semen from Kristen’s face. As Amy got closer to Kristen’s mouth she found herself locked into a kiss with her, much to Eric’s delight. Then, with a crash and a thud, Toxic and Acid came scrambling into the room, covered in what appeared to be blood. Then as Acid collapsed to the floor, Toxic was nailed in the side of the head by a brick that seemed to come from nowhere. Eric quickly zipped up his pants and stumbled out of the room to see James and his buddies destroying everything in sight.

“Amy, Kristen, come on! Stop making out so we can get out of here!” Eric shouted as he dove into the chamber to dodge another flying brick. Kristen pulled herself from Amy as she shielded herself from fluttering debris. Amy got up and handed Kristen’s shirt to her. Eric was busy pulling his book from Toxic’s cold, lifeless hands. “Kristen, Amy, follow me, I know a secret tunnel that exits behind the school.” Eric and Kristen used this path a lot to skip school, now they would need to use it to escape death. James wandered through the subway, looking for Eric so he could beat him senseless. Speaking of Eric, he, Amy and Kristen were busy crawling through a large culver that was only feet from James’ current position. Eric couldn’t believe how much shitty luck he had.

“Kris, what’s going on? Were you followed?” Amy whispered as she followed Eric through the stench-filled drainage tube. Amy was very worried that she would get her clothes dirty in the sewage that filled the culver and wore as little as she could, but she was used to looking like a whore so it didn’t matter. She repeated the question louder so Kristen could hear her, and was startled to hear her response.

“Yes,” Kristen cried as she lagged behind the others, unaware that she was going to end up getting lost. “James followed me from my house, Toxic said he would take care of him and I followed Acid to you. I didn’t know this was gonna happen, I didn’t see the others.” Kristen was crying now, thinking that this was her fault.

Eric felt his stomach sinking, “It’s not your fault that James hates us, it’s not your fault that he’s after us right now. It isn’t anybodies fault but his own, he’s an asshole.” Eric tried calming Kristen down, but to no avail. Amy looked back to Kristen who had stopped to sob in the sewage. She went back to help her up, but was pushed away as Kristen forced herself past her. Back at the subway, James had put Acid into a full nelson and was interrogating him. Acid nodded into consciousness and thrashed about, trying to free himself from James’ grip.

“Let go of me you dirty, idiotic monkey. You know not what you meddle with, I am Acid, second in command to the Dark One himself. I cannot be contained!” Acid threatened as he released himself from James who was shocked. As James sit in alarm, Acid picked up Toxic’s limp body and dragged it into the inner sanctum of the subway. James soon pulled himself from his mental failure and pulled himself to his feet to find Acid and Toxic who were now on there way through the very same waste tunnel that Eric, Amy and Kristen were in. “Goddamn it, you’re too heavy, Toxic!” Acid screamed as he dragged him through the sewage in the pipe. Further ahead, Eric was busy wedging himself out of the cylinder opening behind the school by the parking lot. With enough effort he did, and much to his surprise, neither Amy nor Kristen had as much trouble getting out as he did.

“I never thought that I would like seeing school,” Kristen laughed as she brushed dirt and other various nasty things from her clothes. Eric peered through one of the school building’s windows and tried to keep from vomiting, what he saw made him grow pale with terror. Amy looked over to him and became perplexed.

“Hey, Eric, what’s up?” She asked as she wandered over to where he was currently trying to puke. “What did you see you pussy? Are there dead bodies in there or something?” Anxiously she glanced into the dim room behind the grimy, dusty window. Inside she saw what appeared to be bodies being thrown into the incinerators. The people tossing the bodies also seemed to look dead, too, their flesh was pale blue-white and chunks were either missing or falling to the floor as they threw corpses to the fire. Now Amy was puking, which made Kristen puke because the sight and smell of vomit made her ill. “What the fuck are those people doing in there?” Amy spewed in a hail of vomit.

“Getting rid of evidence you little bitch,” a familiar voice sounded from in front of the trio of Goths. It was Mrs. Laileb, and she didn’t look like a teacher now. Instead her voice came from a hideously freakish monster. She stood about five feet tall and her flesh was tinted blue, her hair was also a sapphire color that hung about shoulder-length. Thin, red cloth was stretched over her breasts and over her pelvic area, and her head was covered in a hood that covered her facial features. A snake-like tongue poked out of the blackness every few seconds, whatever this thing was it made everyone else afraid. “We burn the bodies of those who cross our mission and try to stop us from enslaving all of you humans,” the snake-thing hissed.

Eric picked up his book and looked through it, to his astonishment, the creature before him was in there. “Astaroth, Queen of the Succubi? You’re a demon from Hell?” Eric’s stomach knotted, not from illness, but from fear. “How did you get on Earth? Why are you here?”

“You brought me here with that book you have in your grubby little hands, and I’m here to take the book and take several thousand souls to Hell before All Hallows Eve. Do you wish to join us?” Astaroth proposed to Eric who was busy looking through the book. “There are no spells in there to send me back you little maggot, you’re shit outta luck.” Eric looked at her in confusion and then picked up a rock. With all of his might he threw it at her, and to his luck it hit her right in her shrouded face. “You little fucker!” Eric motioned for Amy and Kristen to follow him away from the demonic entity that was now writhing on the ground. He led them back to Kristen’s house, he thought they would be safe there.

Sneaking back in through the backdoor, they clumsily made their way up the steps to Kristen’s room. The amount of noise they made should have alerted everybody in the house, but nobody was there or they didn’t acknowledge the sounds they should of heard. Once in the room, Eric closed the window that both he and Kristen used to escape earlier. By now it was about midnight, and there was school tomorrow, Kristen and Eric needed sleep. Amy on the other hand had dropped out of school simply because she found no reason to keep going. Much to her parent’s displeasure, she started to learn magic and rituals for Wicca and Satanism. Amy stood looking out the window, she liked looking at the stars, they made her feel comfortable. This was one of the few things that made her relaxed, the others were sex and consuming mind warping drugs such as Shrooms and LSD. Amy spent the rest of the night watching Eric and Kristen, why couldn’t she find love? She tried seducing Eric, but that led to nothing, nothing but more misery.

The shriek of Kristen’s alarm clock shattered the docile silence of the early morning. Half asleep, she tried to stop the annoying sound by knocking the clock off the stand, but she missed and hit the wall instead. “Fuck, that hurt,” she uttered to herself before turning over and going back into her dream world. Amy, still awake for whatever reason, walked over to the clock and gave it a slight push off the table. The now splintered and twisted piece of metal’s yelp of alarm was now fading into nothingness.

“Wake up, don’t you two have school or something?” Amy solicited as she tried to pull Kristen out of bed. To her surprise, she was able to pull her off the bed to the floor. Kristen immediately awoke from hitting the floor head first, this prompted Eric to get up and see what was causing the sound.

“What the hell are lesbians doing, how come I wasn’t invited to watch?” He laughed as he got up and went towards the window. Forgetting that he closed it, he walked right into the window, “What the fuck?” With whatever strength he had he opened up the window and hopped out onto the roof and then to the ground. After regaining his balance, he slowly wandered home to get clothes for school. Amy and Kristen, however, were left staring at each other back inside the house. Amy looked down at Kristen who was yawning, and smiled her creepy grin that was usually followed by some sort of sexual act. Kristen got up and stumbled over to her dresser, opened up the top drawer, then sighed.

“What?” Amy asked in curiosity.

“All of my sex toys,” Kristen laughed. “I have too many of them, it’s like collecting Pokémon or something.” By now Amy was either amused or creeped-out, maybe both. Kristen closed the drawer then moved on to the next one, then pulled out another mesh top, only this one had black leather over the nipple area and on various points of the arm. She still put on a bra underneath, though, there was no telling if something would pop out. “Well, I have to go to school now, I’ll see you later,” Kristen smiled as she grabbed her book bag. “Hey, Eric forgot his book.” Amy quickly snatched up the book before Kristen could.

“Eric wanted Toxic to interpret some runes or something, I’ll take the book to the library and take a look at the runes.” Amy suggested as she slid the book under her arm. Kristen simply nodded and walked out of the room, leaving Amy alone to do as she pleased. This was probably a mistake.

James wandered into the school building, he needed to find Eric so he could kick his ass. As he pushed people out of his way, he noticed that Eric wasn’t at Kristen’s locker like usual. He would stand there and talk to her and then they would go their separate way until they met again or decided to go have sex. “Crap, where are they?” He muttered to himself as he headed towards his locker on the opposite end of the corridor. Then, over the PA system came a distorted voice that sounded like Principal Eisten.

“Students and faculty, there will be a prep assembly in the gym at 2:00 today. That is all, have a nice day.” The somewhat monotone and almost demonic voice echoed through the silent halls. James ignored the fact that the voice scared him and opened his locker, inside he found a mutilated and shredded picture of himself.

“Son of a bitch!” He screamed as he slammed his locker door, probably breaking it. Everybody in sight and sound range was now staring at him, wandering what he was pissed about.

“Toxic, wake up. Are you okay?” Acid whispered in his ominous, deep voice that he used to scare little kids and old people. “Wake up you fucker!” With one swing, Acid sent a torrent of blood spraying out of Toxics mouth as he bashed it in. Still nothing. Acid got up and walked over to the moss-covered, stone wall and pushed on a lever that was embedded in it. A thunderous roar accompanied the wall shifting to the side. “Now, I have to drag you all the way in. Why do I have such shitty luck?” Acid sighed to himself as he pick up Toxic by the legs and dragged him into the secret cavern. The grotto was pitch black except for torches that lighted it up every couple feet. The air was thick with the smell of rotting flesh and the ground was covered in blood. Whatever this place was, it was pretty evident that some bad shit happened here.

“Ice cream?” Toxic chuckled as he waded in and out of consciousness. Acid stopped in his tracks and dropped Toxic’s legs. Toxic then came back into reality, “What the fuck are we doing here? Acid, why am I covered in blood?” Acid tried to ignore Toxic’s stream of questions but broke down and answered.

“Shut the fuck up you stupid asshole. We’re visiting the Dark One’s human form so that he may help us dethrone Eric without breaking any of the Satanic laws. Your covered in blood because I knocked out some of your teeth. Now, may we get back to finding the Master’s chamber?” Acid fumed as he punched a hole into the stone wall, a sign that he was very more than just pissed off. Toxic sighed and shook his head, so Acid turned around and continued down the blackened passageway, “Come if you want, but I won’t be responsible when you get lost and die.” Toxic looked at his feet in disgrace, then began to follow Acid but turned around to leave.

“I don’t need this,” he cried as he stood alone in the dark. When he did begin to walk towards the mouth of the cave, he felt a very strong force beckon him back in. Disregarding it, he wandered out of the cave and back towards the subway he would find peace there. Back at school, James walked through the halls searching for Eric and Kristen, but to no avail. In actuality, Eric and Kristen went to the subway to clean up his mess. He didn’t feel sorry for what he did, it was revenge for Acid and Toxic beating him down. James never considered the fact that he might have killed innocent people, then again he didn’t care.

“Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a crutch with a pink singing pony!” Amy yelled through the half-empty library. She had deciphered the runes, and what they said made the Apocalypse seem not so far away. “When the Book of the Dead falls into holy hands, then and only then, shall the Earth be consumed by the worm turned locust. After this message is read, the first of seven signs shall occur; first, the great plague of the Black Death. Second, the rise of the dead. Third, the alliance of an Acolyte and a High Priest. Fourth, the rise of the Antichrist through the body of the chosen who reads the ‘Lucifer’s Curse’ spell aloud and carries forth the ritual. Fifth, the great world war. Sixth, pestilence, famine and death. Seventh, eternal damnation and suffering until the Second Coming.” Amy dropped the book and began to cry, “Oh shit, what have I started? Now I have to keep the book. Otherwise the Apocalypse will begin.” Amy was terrified, slyly she slid the book into a book bag that she borrowed from Kristen. As she got up to leave, she noticed that she was not alone while reading. Toxic had found her, and was just as shocked as she was.

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“Priestess Amy, why don’t you give me the book? I know a place where we can hide it.” Toxic proposed as he reached for the book. Amy pulled away from Toxic and grimaced as she walked away. “Wait, Acid’s trying to overthrow Eric and I need the book to stop him!” Toxic finally spat out.

“What do you mean?” Amy inquired in confusion.

“Acid is fucking insane! He’s snapped, he can’t take not being a High Priest anymore. He’s consulting the Master’s human form right now. We have to stop him,” Toxic pleaded as he again reached for the book. Amy hesitantly gave the book to Toxic, who smiled, “Thank you, now we can save Eric from that lunatic.” Amy smiled, too, not because she was happy, but because she wanted to not be rude. At the subway, Kristen and Eric moved bricks and other various debris from out of the middle of the floor.

“Look at this place, I can’t believe that James did this. Why?” Eric requested as he threw a brick at the wall. “It’s like he was looking for something while he was hurting people. My spell book! Where is it?” Eric shouted as he realized that his book was missing. Kristen looked at the floor, trying to hide her guilt. Eric shook his head and continued to pick up the garbage. Kristen walked up the steps out of the darkness then collapsed to the ground and began to cry.

“Why do I have to fuck up everything?” Kristen sobbed as she wiped tears from her eyes. Eric followed up the steps and looked at Kristen in sorrow before he knelt down beside her and gave her a hug. “Why are you hugging me, it’s my fault that your book is gone. I gave it to Amy so she could decipher the runes.” Eric’s eyes widened with shock as he thought of the way Amy always seemed to trick people to get what she wanted. Maybe she’s using the book to summon the Dark One, Eric thought as he got up and ran back down into the subway. Ducking into the sewage pipe he had used yesterday, he followed a different path. A path that led him to the same grotto that Acid was inside right now!

James sat in the gym, waiting for Mr. Eisten’s announcement. After several minutes of silence, the vague shape of a person appeared behind the red, ancient podium that the Principal always used at assemblies. “My students and faculty, today I received a notice stating that there is problem with the occult in our city. Many of the students here are involved, mainly the friends of Eric Riley and Kristen Rockmore. For the past several years, the school has had to deal with these two and their many pranks. Well, now we won’t tolerate anymore crap from the student body. If any problems arise, you will be immediately expelled.” A roar of disparagement whipped through the gym, people weren’t pleased.

Eric stumbled through the thick overgrowth that engulfed the end of the culver, he made it to the grotto. Inside he would find Amy, or that’s what he thought. Amy had stayed at the library and Toxic went to the cavern to stop Acid. Eric pushed up against the lever until it eventually gave way and opened. When the door was fully open, Eric slid in to the now pitch black cavern. All of the torched had been removed, somebody didn’t want him here. Elsewhere in the cave, Acid stood before a door as ancient as time itself. He tried with all of his otherworldly strength to wedge open the door, but nothing worked. The door simply wouldn’t open, there was no way to get inside.

“Fuck, how am I gonna get in?” Acid inquired as he leaned against the door. The door was massive, it’s bulky frame was covered in moss and carved into it were runes and pictures of the Dark One. The pictures varied, one picture depicted him as a dragon, another he was an old, feeble man. No matter what the picture was though, he was always accompanied by a small sphere which he held in his left hand. Acid, paying no attention to it, never realized that the runes on the door would tell him how to open it. “I guess I’ll have to go get Eric’s book,” he mumbled as he got to his feet and went back through the grotto. This place was a maze, if you went the wrong way you could end up being stabbed onto spikes that were spring-loaded and set into the floor. Other paths would lead you into deep underground torture chambers where the druids who lived here would torment you until death.

Eric couldn’t see, he would eventually end up being ripped apart or something else he didn’t want to think about. At one point these caves were a place where kids would come and play, most wouldn’t come back. The parents of the kids who got lost would come and look for them, only to meet their horrific ends. Eric clumsily pushed through the darkness, but as he got closer to what he though was a wall, the floor gave way. As Eric fell he grabbed hold of the ground he was standing on just seconds ago, “Shit, this ain’t good!” Yelling probably was a good idea, Acid had heard him. He made his way through the cavern, hoping that Eric would scream again.

“Come on, tell me where you are,” Acid murmured to himself as he continue to saunter through the shadows. Eric pulled himself onto the outcrop, this was too much work for him. He wedged himself further onto the soil, he could get up now. Acid was still looking for him, but eventually just quit and sat on the dusty, blood-encrusted floor. “I’m never gonna get that door open, now.” He contemplated, he actually thought Eric had died in here. He could only think of how Eric was always there for him and how he had never thanked him for it, he felt like shit. Eric stood over Acid, but he never noticed Eric’s shadow towering over him. Eric looked down at him and was relieved that someone he knew was here.

“Hey, Acid, what are you doing here?” Acid’s jaw dropped, and he stood up to see Eric smiling at him. Eric stopped smiling and repeated himself, but Acid was too far into shock to answer. When Acid eventually regained his sanity, he walked right up to Eric and punched him in the stomach. “Fuck, what was that for?” Acid didn’t answer this either, he just laughed uncontrollably, he had finally snapped. Leaning down, he searched Eric for the spell book and started to freak out.

“Where’s the motherfucking book?” Acid blurted as he stood up, he couldn’t believe that Eric didn’t have the book. “Where’s the Book of the Dead, Eric? Why don’t you have it?” Acid was both in shock and completely enraged. Eric got to his knees, he was still gasping for air as he got to his feet and tried to regain his balance.

“I don’t have it, to my knowledge Amy has it. And why the fuck did you hit me?” Eric panted as he leaned against the wall. A thousand thoughts passed through Acid’s mind when Eric mentioned Amy’s name. Why did she have it? Eric continued, “Kristen said that she went to the library, but I thought she would come here instead so she could invoke the Master. Why do you want the book?” Acid had collapsed to the ground and was crying, his plans were ruined, some higher power obviously didn’t like him. Eric looked down at him, but for some reason he didn’t feel sorry for Acid, “You were gonna try and get rid of me weren’t you?”

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Fuck! I guess I'm occupied in this forum the whole of tomorrow - all those stories I gotta read.

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