Hi, As you know Doom source code as released in 1997 was not for original DOS version, but rather was Linux version cleaned up by Bernd Kreimeier. During clean up, code specific for DOS version was stripped out. Another big change was reorganizing header files, specifically doomdef.h, p_local.h and r_local.h were split to smaller header files. This is where Heretic sources comes in handy. Raven released their code as is, without any sort of clean up. Specifically it has majority of Doom's DOS specific code and header files organization is very close to Doom's original form. The goal of this project is to combine both these sources and get codebase that is close to the Doom's original codebase as possible. Actually I had this idea for a pretty long time and had previous attempts in the form of PCDoom and PCDoom-v2. This time I decided to start mostly from Heretic sources, gradually reverting Raven's code changes by comparing it to Linux Doom sources. I targeted id Anthology Final Doom EXE as it was closest to linuxdoom sources. Eventually I got compiling EXE, but as expected it had lots of differences to original EXE files. Then I gradually fixed all the differences and got EXE that identical to original EXE by behaviours. Once I covered both revisions of Final Doom, NY00123 volunteered and also covered a lot more Doom revisions down to prototype v1.666. This also includes Chex Quest. Meanwhile I decided to try to do the same for Strife executable using restored Doom code. As Strife source code was never released, I had to rely on reverse engineering of original EXE file. After finishing initial reversing resulted EXE had some differences to original EXE. Eventually after lots of trial and error and not without some help from NY00123 we eventually got EXE that identical to original EXE (up to usual garbage data between string literals and differences due to __LINE__ macro). As original release of Doom this does not include proprietary DMX code. You can use APODMX replacement library instead to get complete GPLv2 compatible codebase.   TL;DR These repositories recreate different revisions of Doom and Strife codebase. Compiled EXE files are identical to original EXE in term of behaviours. In total both repositories cover 15 different revisions of Doom, Strife and Chex Quest.   List of covered Doom revisions:   List of covered Strife revisions:   Doom repository
Strife repository