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The DWIronman League dies to: Return to Hadron E1

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Leaderboard has been updated - @Poncho1 and @Major Arlene, worry not, both of your runs are perfectly fine! That one baron sure was sturdy, though. Rock solid, just like the door you were hugging. It's looking like @NightTerror might run away with the win this month, though there's definitely still time left on the table. Will someone rise up to the task and blaze through for a sub-hour run at the very end?

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Died to a top-level trap at E1M4, nice. Cat I, time is, uhm, 29 or 39 :xx, sorry, gotta go and can't rewatch right now ._.

Not really a lot of free space to maneuver, lots of meat, all that I love is here. Cool stuff, @cannonball!



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I think this was Category 2? Not sure tbh as it's kind of similar to a lot of cannonball UD wads, some maps seemed familiar and others I didn't remember at all. Anyway died on E1M6. :)

finished E1M5 in 28:53.


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Leaderboard updated. New thread should be up in an hour. I'll accept further submissions for this month until 12 PM UTC, though (roughly 13 hours 30 minutes until that moment), so if you haven't gotten around to a run yet, there is still time!


Also @Napsalm if you don't mind me asking, what category is your run - blind, familiar or passively prepared?

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Posted (edited)

Im having a problem with my VOD of twitch. It seems i cant export it or either reproduce it :(

@NaZa was there...i dont remember my numbers..i guess it was Dead on map06 with 77 kills?

Sorry...this is the first time that happened to me and twitch..

Edited by Austinado

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Don't worry, I've been there and watched the run so I remember the most important thing - time taken to reach M6. All is okay.

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