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Creating non-sector pillars in Wadauthor.

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In Wadauthor, whenever I go to create a pillar/column/whatever I create a new sector within the room, make the floor and ceiling heights equal, and voila, I have a pillar.

This works fine, but the resulting pillar is still a sector. I notice that in the original Doom levels and most PWADS, pillars and columns contain void space and are not sectors. It seems to me that the fewer sectors you have the better, so I've been trying to make these non-sector pillars with Wadauthor.

I don't think it's possible, though (I have Wadauthor 1.30 evaluation) since Wadauthor seems to think exclusively in terms of sectors.

Can anyone confirm/deny this?


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Also, if you create a sector and later decide that you want to make it a void-space-filled column, you can select all the appropriate lines and make them one sided. Make sure that all their front sides are pointing outward (towards where the player will be viewing them) and, before you make the lines one sided, make sure you make all the back sidedef referenes -1.

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Erm, yeah, that's it, I did say it was a dumb post.

Actually, I got confused there because Wadauthor's output is a bit misleading. When you create a polygonal sector with the 'make column' flag ticked, the editor seems to still think it's a sector.
If after making it, you go to View:Statistics, you'll see the number of sectors has increased by 1.
Also, you can right click anywhere within the column, choose Properties and Wadauthor will tell you everything it knows about the "sector". It even claims that the floor and ceiling are different heights (usually the default ceiling: 128, floor: 0)

However, once you run the map. Everything becomes as it should be. The pillar appears fine, it's interior becomes void space and the sector count in the Statistics rolls back one. You can no longer access the Properties of the non-existent sector via the right-mouse-button.

I still fell like a dumbass though.


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When you first put the column in, it counts as a sector, and you can drag it around as such. Once you edit the properties, it becomes solid. (tip: I drag it to where I want it to be and then change the wall textures by clicking on it while it's still a sector)

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