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Doom and non-Doom Artstuffs

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Lost Soul: The only small one. And why I should not use colored pencils.

Imp: I've already posted this here, but for anyone who hasn't seen it here it is again. This predates me finding better ways to color with PSP7. I used low-opacity brushes to color so it took a lot of the shading out.

Spider Mastermind: Again, I've already posted it here. Unfortunately the whole thing is way too light.

Dunkleosteus: Dunkleosteus (a prehistoric armored fish) with some Ammonites and Trilobytes and ambiguous fish things. It was done without research or references because I didn't have access to any when I drew it. I'm not even sure that they all lived side-by-side but whatever. I wanted to draw a scary fish, and that's what I did.

Skeleton Knights: Some random fantasy drawing. I'd been playing Castlevania a lot at the time. It includes a couple of Skeleton Knights, a Steed Dragon, and some imps (not to be confused with the Doom Imp).The Dragon's head got smudged. :(

Chaos Nova: The Chaos Nova, a ship from Drome (my graphic novel/novel/movie/game/whatever in progress) taking off from a landing platform and leaving a container of BLOODTHIRSTY AMAZON HUNTRESSES. or not. The whole pictured was pretty rushed.

Sentinel: And finally, some random mech I made up called the Sentinel. Its feet are too small, but the shading is nice I think. Too bad the background is so damn shitty and light and rushed.

That is all. Comments and (constructive, please) criticism is welcome and encouraged, as usual.

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I like them. Nice work and showing of perspective on the mech.

You should try coloring more... it's the only way to get rid of that silly fear of screwing up ;)

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Dragons and Mechs are cool. Somebody put them together. :)

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