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Various Decay wads

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But Decay, you only have one two three four solo wads right now!


In the near future there will be more, and they will be smaller wads so going to contain them neatly in one thread.


CL 2

Crypts of Eternity -- Limit removing (has Dehacked in the wad itself), 6 maps, use coeXX-zzz format - /idgames link

Hävitetty - Limit removing (has Dehacked in the wad itself for hanging corpse obstacle removal), single map, hav01-zzz - /idgames link

Protosis - Limit removing (has dehacked in the wad itself, uses bourgdm weapons), 2 maps, proXX-zzz - /idgames link

10 am Break - 100% vanilla compatible I think (has dehacked in the wad and separately, uses bourg weapons), 5 maps, 10amXX-zzz - /idgames link

Edited by Decay

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8 hours ago, Decay said:

map01 pacifist in 10.86



Gotta post the run out of respect for Biz who beat it again!


I was only going to post if you did :P


map01 pacifist 10.77



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Great runs to set the pace. I formally added 10am to the first post, for a total of 4 wads so far.

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