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A Daunting Project

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I've read the entire doom bible a few times. I must say it is a fascinating read. Everytime i read it and think about it, i imagine what doom could have been like and i must say, it sounds like it could better than it turned out to be. ive seen many alpha and beta screen shots, and they astonish me how different things became. i think that there is enough information in the bible and the screenshots themselves that would allow someone to get a general idea of how the game was planned to be, and perhaps make a TC or whatever out of it, and have it turn out close to what it sounds like. i dont mean this as a request or anything, it is just an idea of mine that ive been thinking about. if any of you get the idea to do it, and you actually undertake the project yourself, you have my appreciation. I know nothing of mapmaking or any such shit, so i cant be the one to do it.

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If I'm not greatly mistaken, it was already somebody's idea to do this using EDGE (although I'm probably mistaken).

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