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Member Appreciation Thread

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2 hours ago, Doomkid said:

Lee Jackson, creator of some favourite childhood gaming tunes, thanking me? My 12 year old self would have shit brix knowing that would happen one day, LOL.. It’s great having you on the forums these days!

This is cool to read :)

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Well isn't this a heartwarming thread


I have been tagged many times here and I thank you all for that


I'm not good at these type of things and don't want to risk leaving everyone out but I will say that you guys are all awesome. I have played Doom for almost 20 years but in the last few years especially during the pandemic being a part of this community has been a wonderful uplifting experience (and probably helped me get through some things)


Sharing in the passion of a game we all love and getting to play each other's maps and meet a lot of people from all over the globe? 


Good times 🍗

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Too many to list, so I'm gonna just drop this:


Y'all are freaking awesome folks!

Many thanks for playtesting, giving critique & even teaching me Doom mapping related stuff.


Specifically, @P41R47 for taking interest in my megawad 'TNT Goes Boom!' & making a titlepic, new hud & possibly more in the making.


Much love from Slovenia!

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@Archanhell For being very epic and having accomplished not finishing any map on 2 years including TCTOA (Guiness World Record right here bois)

@Gaia74 For being even more epic and an awesome friend, he also makes very fun and cool mods, along many more things I'd say but I do not want to do text walls for every user or friend I mention, mostly cus sometimes I lack the words to express X or Y. (sale zdw)


@GratefulName For having a very grateful name plus cool friend too, you are awesome mann


@Remilia Scarlet Awesome maps, music, fellow eldritch horror/lovecraft fan plus named after an epic Touhou character


To my Doomer friend who may not have a Doomworld account or whose forums nicknames I forgot (I am a certified forgetful person, sorry).


@Jimmy Epic music and also for Adventures of Square, I remember playing it with many friends and we even tried to play co-op with GZDoom hacky methods (not really hacky, I guess), we had a lot of fun even when we had desync errors due to GZDoom's nature.


@TerminusEst13 A lot of fun mods to play, I remember the first mod I played from him was Demonsteele, and the hours of fun I had through different playthroughs on many mapsets, my DoomWorld's banner is even from the game itself, that's how much I loved to play it back then and even now if I had time!


I would mention more users but my memory issues render me unable to remember much more people (I am not sure about the "why" for this, but it should not be too worrisome), however, most of the community is awesome in their own way, we have not gotten here just doing nothing, we have thrived for too long through countless things, ignoring the bad side of things, we have people who just want to have fun with their friends or alone playing all the mods out there, sharing their thoughts and love with other members, as well as simply being able to be with their favorite game, this includes not only the players, but also the modders, the music composers, the mappers, everyone.


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@Romero for being part of creating the game we all love, and more recently for creating Sigil which broke me out of my long Doom hiatus :D


@dobu gabu maru for creating the DWMC, it was what incentivised me to return to Doomworld and though I don’t contribute to it these days, I greatly enjoyed it when I did


@HAK3180 and @Austinado for all your playtesting. Invaluable to me whilst I was finding my feet in mapping, and to many others also

@Walter confetti for creating the 64KB challenge, it was a fantastic concept and also my first community project that I contributed to. I submitted 4 maps to it in total and learned a lot doing so


@Obsidian for hosting MAYhem2020, my second community project and I had great fun contributing to it and playing everyone else’s maps; I also thought it was an exceptionally well-run project


@BluePineapple72, @FrancisT218 and @Soulless for your interest in my latest creation Viscous Realms, took me an absolute age to finish it but your interest helped push me through to complete it and I’m very glad I did

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Well, I'm not a mapper or creator of any sort, just a fan of Doom, and I haven't integrated myself too far into the community before I decided to take about a year's hiatus. That said, thanks so much to LadyMistDragon for their kind words about me and plugging the Top 47k Games podcast that I'm occasionally on! I'll do my best to stick around longer and post where I can.


And now a few other shout-outs as they come to me (though no pinging since that feature seems busted to me for some reason):

Skillsaw - For very biasedly being my favorite mapper of all time. Heartland winning a Cacoward was the biggest un-surprise of the year.

Doomkid - For being infinitely kind and a fellow fan of Frank Zappa and/or the Mothers of Invention.

MtPain27 - For the Dean of Doom series being possibly my favorite channel on YouTube. I'll be sad but respect his decision to retire someday.

Stewboy and Jimmy - For their infinitely amazing musical contributions making great maps even better.

Cammy - For realizing my wish of TNT Evilution getting its own music pack and knocking it out of the park.

leejacksonaudio - WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!

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