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Can you save a doom server in doom explorer?

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So I don't know how Doom Explorer works, but if you'd like to try an alternative, Doomseeker makes bookmarking easy; Simply right click the desired server and click pin. You can create custom pins in the options as well if you know the server address yourself.

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4 hours ago, robi21mlg said:

Alright thanks. But I'm trying to find out how to do it in doom explorer. Thanks for your help though!

Doom Explorer does not have a right-click - save button?


I really can't be arsed to download the program but the best options are checking that and the manual, if any is available.


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I save servers using the method Bond mentioned pretty often!


As an aside, Doom Explorer queries Zandronum, ZDaemon, Odamex, and Doomsday, whereas Doomseeker queries Zand, Oda, Chocolate Doom and SRB2. Furthermore, Doom Explorer targets Windows, but Doomseeker runs on both Win and Linux.


Would be cool to see Chocolate Doom servers queried by Doom Explorer some day!

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Doom Explorer works fine in wine (isnt poetic ?:) , operating both windows and linux doomports

Chocolate Doom isnt client-server - it only provides information about "ready to start" games, without detail info about games itself, at least pwads - who wants to play iwad only. I asked the author of the port to add such information, but to no avail

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