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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.6

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Sin – part 6

The rockets soared through the air and exploded in clouds of smoke and pyrotechnics as they slammed into the Hell Knights. Ruined corpses of various other terrors lay scattered on the rocky, black ground. The last demon fell with an agonizing roar. A wall broke down in that instant and out rushed an Archvile.

It began to resurrect the dead monsters, but in the meanwhile, I quickly prepared my BFG 9000 for action. I had almost unfolded the weapon when the lean terror turned towards me with a shrilling hiss. I narrowed my eyes and pulled back a handle on the side of the BFG, making a hollow click followed by a hum. The weapon was ready.

The skeletal being raised its arms over its head and flames leapt from its face, its hands and its arms and its body started to glow yellow. I pulled the trigger. Two resurrected Hell Knights stepped past the Archvile and headed towards me.

The Archvile stretched its hands towards me just as the mighty weapon in my hand launched the green sphere of hot energies and the blast sent the demon flying into a rock spike. The two Hell Knights roared angrily as green energy sizzled around them. The BFG had not focused enough energy on the Archvile, therefore not killing it, but it had harmed the two Hell Knights a bit and luckily, the Archvile was battered and weakened, trying to pull itself off the spike. I saw the spike protrude from the skeletal demon’s chest with the Archvile’s red blood splattered all over it. I put down the BFG and pulled out the combat shotgun. I raced in between the two confused Hell Knights and ran directly towards the Archvile. The creature raised its evil head, preparing to attack me with its hellish magics again, just as I fired. The blast tore the already blood spattered, gash-filled monster apart and its limp body fell to the ground with a series of splattering thuds.

I spun around incredibly fast and attacked the two goat demons, silencing them for the second time.

I looked around at the evil surroundings. Small brooks of boiling blood flowed through this huge hall within the fortress, pillars made of flesh supported the bony ceiling and the walls were made of hot brimstone that seemed to glow with an eerie reddish glow. I could sense an enormous concentration of evil spirits within this place. The whole place had a strange ghostly feel to it.

The Spirit World I thought to myself. I must be in some sort of spirit world of Hell or something

The air seemed to be thick with them. Wailing and howling, cursing and swearing. Demanding more death to please their insatiable hunger for it.

I looked around for a way out and saw a hole in one of the glowing brimstone walls at the end of a brook of blood. I went closer and examined the hole. If I were swift enough, I might get through the hole without getting burnt by the boiling blood. I took a deep breath, threw my weapons inside, except for the shotgun, and then I swung myself through. I landed on ashy ground with a crunch. The floor here was composed purely of burnt ashes and it stank of cremated corpses.

A foul roar echoed at me. Looking up, I saw a monstrous Hell Knight stomping towards me. Slime dripping out of its mouth and onto the ashy floor. Its narrow empty eye sockets stared at me.

I threw myself into a crouch as it hurled a bolt of slime at me. The slime went straight over my head and sizzled onto a brimstone wall. I grabbed the rocket launcher, knowing full well that it could be fatal to use it in tight quarters such as this tunnel, shouldered it…. and launched two rockets at the advancing Hell Knight. The small rockets exploded in fire and smoke and the force of the air pressure knocked the Knight backwards, but it kept advancing on me and I had to give up the idea of firing one last rocket at it because the demon was too close.
I let go of the launcher and instead pulled out my combat shotgun from my back. The demon roared again with a foul sound and lurched at me, lashing out at me. I leapt back, narrowly avoiding its huge clawed hands and blew its face to pieces with the combat shotgun.
The demon’s scream of agony was terrifying, but it was still alive.

My back scratched the rough wall. I could hear the evil spirits call to me from inside the wall.

The blind demon staggered backwards a few short steps, then raving like a drunk giant it stomped towards me again, bleeding out of several open wounds, looking like the monster would collapse dead on the ground any second. But I had already brought two more shells into the firing chamber of the weapon and as the demon came close enough to me I fired the death dealing last shot.

Half of the monster’s already ruined torso disappeared in a cloud of blackish green blood.

I made a short grunt, then stepped over the corpse, grabbed the rocket launcher and proceeded down the tunnel, which turned out to be rather short, because suddenly, I stepped into a large Hall. A small army of cybernetic arachnotron demons was waiting for me. They screeched in unison, but my BFG soon replied to the streams of plasma that they fired in my direction.


More flesh. This place was filled with the flesh of billions of dead people. In my muddled mind I wondered if the flesh material from all those dead had been collected recently from the many unfortunate souls on Earth that had fallen prey to the demons or whether Hell had simply sucked the corpses from the soil of the Earth throughout centuries.

You’re an idiot! I thought. Here you are deep in the bowels of the worst place imaginable and then you waste energy thinking about the corpses here! Get hold of yourself marine!

But it was impossible to get hold of myself. I could feel that I was slowly but steadily losing my battle against the tortured souls in my mind. They just wouldn’t stop and they were getting stronger the deeper I advanced. My thoughts bounced around, moving from one extreme to another.

Sometimes I felt that it was natural for me to be here, other times I was hallucinating, seeing people I had known in front of me as lifelike as if they had really been there and I felt that it was completely natural for those people to be down here. Soon I would be so mad that I could no longer be driven by my own reason. No doubt that I would start to move back from where I came even if it was clear to me all this time that it would mean certain death.

Hell I thought. Going deeper into Hell is certain death too

But I had a purpose and as long as I desperately clung to this purpose, I wouldn’t stop. I was too determined.

I stopped. I was in a gloomy room with a single pillar of flesh and bones. Three sheets of skin adorned the walls in this room. Each had a half-done pentagram on it. I had a feeling that there was some odd meaning with those but which? I went closer to one and let my hand slide over the rough, gray skin. It was old and stank horribly. Suddenly the skin seemed to come alive. Something behind the skin sheet tried to suck my hand in. A normal person would have been filled with disgust by feeling the touch of this disgusting surface, but I was no normal person anymore and had never really been. The disturbing event only made me growl in annoyance and with a snarl, I pulled my hand to myself, stepped back and blasted the sheet with my combat shotgun.

The pellets ripped the skin sheet to pieces and the bony walls with bloody muscle fibers behind was shattered and torn to pieces. A sudden sound behind me made me spin around like lightning.

The repulsive pillar had risen halfway. I stared lazily at it with a dumb expression before it dawned at me that it must have had something to do with blasting the skin sheet and the wall behind it. I tried blasting another sheet and the pillar rose another few feet.

I grinned to myself, reloaded the combat shotgun and blasted the last sheet.

As the pillar went into the intestine filled ceiling, a bony wall suddenly slid open with a repulsive, slurping sound revealing a larger room with floor made of bones and intestines and two Archviles screamed in unison at me.


I hurled my shotgun aside and started pulling out the BFG. I saw how the two Archviles suddenly made a strange movement with their long arms, both doing exactly the same and facing each other. Their bodies begin to glow in a similar fashion to what it normally happened when an Archvile attacked, but instead of raising their arms, they stretched them at the ground and yellow strokes of lightning flashed from their fingertips. From the bony ground rose suddenly three revenants.

Fuck! I thought again, readied my BFG and pointed it at the group which now screamed at me in anger. Both Archviles raised their arms, now facing me and the Revenants rushed towards me with wild screeches. I fired into the group and the powerful blast tore the Revenants apart and sent their bony pieces flying backwards. I leapt out of the doorway so that the two Archviles couldn’t reach me, but I pulled the trigger of the BFG, warming it up for another shot.

I had to take out those two scrag fiends quick. Together they could just continue to raise Revenants from the floor and maybe even other terrors from the fleshy walls in this area, but not if I took one of them out.

I leapt into view again with a loud battle cry that rung out throughout the hellish flesh caverns, the echoes of the cry quickly turning into distorted sounds and in that instant, the mighty weapon unleashed a flash of bright green light. The energy ball missed the two Archviles that both began to conjure up more terrors – this time revenants and a single Hell Knight – but the plasma tore into the wall behind the monsters, tearing it apart and the mighty weapon unleashed its invisible death ray, hitting both Archviles with the unseen beams. One of them screamed and jerked in pain as green plasma erupted around its body, the other one continued pressing its attack on me.

I leapt aside and felt the heat wave through the fleshy wall. I was pleased that I had been able to recharge the gun in what I referred to in my mind as the “Arachno pit”. After blasting the pesky Arachnotrons, I had destroyed two Spider Mastermind demons. It had been surprisingly easy this time, because the place was too narrow for them to maneuver properly. As soon as one of their mechanical legs appeared around the corner of a brimstone wall, I had blasted it to pieces so that the monster had toppled over, leaving it relatively defenseless. I had found a large storage of energy cell packs near the arachs – more than I even needed. I had seen one Arachnotron stumble back to the storage of packs after firing an endless stream of plasma at me, whereupon it simply lowered its mechanical platform onto the pack to get recharged.

I had killed all of the monsters and used half of the remaining packs. I had made a mental note to go back to this place if I ran low on cells again. And now I reminded myself. I leapt around the corner and blasted the group of monsters again.

Before long the first Archvile fell and to my delight, the other yellow skeletal terror couldn’t revive it. Soon afterwards, I had cleared the room. I turned around and headed back to the “Arachno pit”.


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