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This may have been done before, but not quite like this.

Everyone has unfinished projects; recent and old. Good or bad. I'm no exception. This is a list of some of my projects and their themes, (also this is where you can post ideas for any other projects, including your own. Thinks of this as an 'Idea Bag'.)

Stargate: Curse of Anubis
Ranging from the Stargate complex on Earth, to Thydios (alternate desert planet) to the jungles of Voscis. Featuring big temples, big jungles, evil system lords.
(Project abandoned.)

They thought you were crazy. Hell, you could be. But when those creatures showed up, all the guards wanted all the crazies killed, including you. Escape from the Asylum, and find out what the hell is going on. (Redneck rampage like, but more gothic)
{Project restarted}

Abydian: Journey to the Stars
(unstargate related) Hexen 2 themed egyptian maps. Set in 1925, uncovering a lost ancient tomb, you are then engulfed in a fire-like mist and suddenly discover yourself in an ancient temple. Fight your way through mummies, imps, scorpions, and other devilish denizens as you search for a way out.
(Project in progress)

Inferno: The Second Coming
After defeating the spider masterminds, and the Baphomet, you thought it was over. But an evil cult and the demonic forces have brought you back into hell's maw. Kick Hell's ass once again and taste the sweet tase of freedom. (Original Doom Themed closely resembling the maps they replace)
(Project in progress)

Quake 2 Revivification
This was a quake2-themed deathmatch pack for doom2. Unfortuantely, it never got past one map. Very detailed, yet simple.
(Project abandoned)

[no real storyline] Detailed hangar level. Still not finished. Some strife textures.
(Project abandoned)

What are you working on? (or were working on)

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Currently I am working on an unnamed map. It was supposed to be called Dream.wad, but Nanami beat me to it.
I watched the Resident Evil movie recently and was inspired by the set design. So after I finish the above, I'll start woring on that.

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ravage said:

[...], and the Baphomet, [...]

The what? At least with "the" at the beginning it looks, hmm... different.

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The only project I'm working on is the full version of Carnage Galore 3. It's going to take a long time to finish though.

Some projects that were never finished:

invade5 - The final update to the Invade the Castle TF map for Quake. I was almost done, but I gave up on it. I guess I just decided that it really didn't need to be updated. The necessary files were lost long ago anyway, so I can't update it even if I wanted to.

heck - An engineer only TF map that was going to use map 6 of fury.wad as a base, but I got bored of making it (and Quake in general). I may start it again one day.

tumult.wad - This didn't even have an official name except for the filename. It was supposed to be a deathmatch map using what appears to be a brand new lighting effect possible for the original Doom engine. However, I'm not very good at making deathmatch maps, and I couldn't decide on how to make it or even what theme to use.

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I have plenty of dead projects, I have some for Doom, RPG Maker, and this program called GameMaker. Here are my dead projects for Doom:

Lizard's Legacy:
The project title for the four "episodes" I got the idea of having seperate mods as episodes from Operation: Rheingold. Besides, it wouldn't have worked with one huge wad anyways. This had a story line, but it's complicated and long to tell here. In fact, it was too long to tell even on my site, so there. I stopped this project altogether because Pokestein and Truth Revealed are dead. I'll be focusing the attention mainly on Lizard War and ICD-Lizard. Those will be complete in about a few months. (Hopefully, I don't start slacking off again...)

Originally a port of a Wolf3D mod I made called Pikastein. It basically replaced all the enemies with Pikachu-like baddies. But that mod actually was based on an idea I had for a Wolf3D mod with the same concept. It was called Dragonite Attacks! You are Commander Dragonite and you are sent in to a dense jungle to find out if rumors of a full scale invasion made by the Evil Pokemon Army are true. You sneak in and find a hidden fortress with giant walls, barbwire, and a bunch of heavily armed Pokemon. Blah blah blah, you find the General, which is the Main Character Pikachu, you kill him and win the game. You had a machete, a pistol, machine gun, uzis, grenade launcher, flamethrower, spear gun, and some other crap that I forgot. The grenade launcher was probably the only not possible in the Wolf3D engine. Other than New Enemies and New Weapons, there was supposed to be New Levels. Note that this was made when I was a Pokemon Fan. (something that I regret...) Pokestein ended because the whole Pokefan vs. Pokehater war ended. There was no use with it, so I stopped the project. I had the unfinished mod on my site for anyone to download, but I decided to get rid of it. The info page is still up though. Dragonite Attacks! never made it out of the drawing board. To read the story of Pokestein, go to my site. I don't want to copy/paste the damn thing here. The latest beta version of this mod was Beta4.

Truth Revealed*(*working title*):
The only thing I got done was replacing all of the guns. I replaced three enemies, two are in the current release of ICD-LIZARD, the other one will be in the next release and replaced the title and credits pic. That was all I did, then I quit. No downloads are available. Here's the story though: After stepping into the portal, you find yourself in a Hellish kind of world. Cybornetic creatures and demonic things roam the world. You find the ruins of a military tank. "Strange, it seems some of your buddies weren't brainwashed after all, but what the hell are they doing here?" As you inspect the rotting hunk-o-junk, a cyborg Lizard steps behind you and starts attacking you! You pull out your sidearm and blast its head open. Blood starts oozing out of the creature's wound. It starts firing its attatched rifle, but you start firing at it again and the creature dies. "Damn, it seems like my gunshots are bringing some of its buddies over here." End of intro. I think I was inspired to make this game by Quake 2 and Doom's Hell theme. This project was abandoned because I hardly did any work on it.

Final Showdown:
I'm not even sure what this episode was supposed to be like! I'm thinking of the style of Megaman. IE, before you fight the last boss, you had to fight the other bosses first. This is the last episode and after you kill all the bosses, peace is finally restored to the Lizard States. The End! I didn't even start anything on it yet, not even planning was done!
(I copy pasted these parts...)

Here are various projects I made for RPG Maker 2000:

Sinner's Quest:
It's just a stupid "cliched" RPG I made when I was bored. You're this guy named Sinner who went around killing other rivals. Blah blah blah, an old man approaches Sinner and tells him that an evil king wants to destroy the world. More stuff happens, then the climatic end battle happens, the evil king dies, the end... It was so retarded, I deleted it after I finished it.

Disgruntled Mage, Starring Vivi:
This RPG takes place after the events of Final Fantasy 9. Zidane, Eiko, and Garnet pull a prank on Vivi, but the prank goes horribly wrong. The town Vivi was in burns to the ground, and he gets blamed for it. Now Vivi has to go around to each of the other surrounding villages and search for his "friends" so he can kill em! You get to use guns (gfx were ripped from Half-Life and Doom) instead of the shitty FF9 weapons. I deleted this as well, even though it was finished. (You can probably guess why I did that)

Here are various games I made but never finished with the program GameMaker:

Green Baron:
A side scrolling game like R-Type, you control a green biplane and fight against red biplanes, choppers, blimps and jets. You were supposed to get various powerups and items. 7 levels each with a boss. It was never completed on account I couldn't code for shit.

Lizard Quest:
A side scrolling game like Mario. You had a fire cannon weapon and grenades. I had help from another person so he did all the coding while I made levels and gfx. I managed to make 5 levels, but I never completed it on account that was around the same time I "rediscovered" doom. I got too busy with Doom stuff and that game never was complete. It was at "Releasable Demo Status"...

Stress Relief Game:
This game was inspired by a stress relief game that let you mess up the screen in various ways. (MachineGun, FlameThrower, ChainSaw, Termites, etc.) This game is like it, however, you get to control a Lizard and you get to use Throwing Knives, Pistol, Machine Gun, Bazooka, FlameThrower, Laser Gun, and a MiniGun. You shoot up a hanging person and the more damage you do to it, the hanging guy will start to gib. The game was too hard and complicated to code by myself, so I abandoned it.

I think that's it... I remember doing more Doom mods, but they all must have sucked anyways... :/

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Thats right, I forgot about my RPGMaker stuff. Two dead projects there. The first was based no my trip to canada. The second was just a typical RPG story.
They didnt have names either.

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I have this one map that was actualy the first I started. I was going to make a megawad out of it for kicks, but after spending like 1000 hours on the first level without finishing it, I gave up. Eventualy, I'll release it as like 'my first map ever!' when I'm a famous wad designer (yea right). People who have played it say its good though so heh.

I also started another level that was supposed to be real maze-like but I never got through with it.

And then I started a Doom 1 map, but didn't get far on that either. All I made was a bedroom, some hallways and a courtyard. I was also trying to make a fountain that turns red, but that didn't turn out right at all. I'm thinking that I'll be able to do that later in something, if I ever get the chance.

Also, I've made a map for MGMYWTCX, and am like 40% and 5% done on two others for that project.

Thats about it.

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Doom Beyond (started 1996, project alive and kicking)

Doom2 megawad single handedly crafted by me. A retelling of the the story (or lack thereof) of Doom2. Features include 32 massive levels, many, many new textures, new sounds and new graphics. The sounds are my fav, along with the textures, most of which I made myself. I redid many of the original Doom2 sound effects, made the deaths more..uh, splashy, and gave the guns more umph. Some are resamples from other id games, others are completely new. Maps designed for orginal Doom engine effects, no Zdoom specials or Boom specials, but because of the sheer detail and scope of the maps a source engine is required for play now.
Becasue this ol' bitch was started so long ago, I've learned many things about Doom and about Doom editing along the way, and many of the old maps are getting serious facelifts. I plan to release episode 1 (map01-map11) when they're finished and to my satisfaction.

Unnamed Zdoom project (started 2001, alive and underway)

A Zdoom megawad that begins as a marine is killed, presumed zombified, and taken into Hell to join the ranks of demonic denziens about to wage war on Earth (takes place during Doom1, just as Doom2 begins). However, you awake with your humanity intact, and the lust for vengeance burning inside. Now undead, you begin your quest to destroy the demons from the inside before Hell's legions can eridicate the human race.
A few test maps in progress, to practice my not-so 1337 scripting skillz. New graphics, new textures and some fancy Zdoom effects, like palette swapped monsters, fancy camera cut-scenes, and dialogue scenes. New player effects too, being undead will have its advantages! Maybe, just maybe some new Hell-fashioned weapons will be thrown in the mix. Gonna be sweet. Hopefully I'll have more time to work on this during the summer months...or when I quit my useless dead-end stink job.

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ZDoom Side Scroller: A level (or more) that you player always looking from sideway at your player.

Mansion (Maybe I will rename it): A Zdoom demo level full of new ZDoom tricks and scripts. just for show. A bit in the mood of my next project Elidor.

Elidor Resource wad: An enhancement to my previous resource wad SPZDOOM2. Lots of new monsters and textures and ambient sounds...

Elidor: A new ZDoom megawad using those resources (with RPG elements).

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the_Danarchist said:

I have this one map that was actualy the first I started. I was going to make a megawad out of it for kicks, but after spending like 1000 hours on the first level without finishing it, I gave up.

Yeah, that´s one of the reasons which make me upset about mapping... you gotta be patient. And then comes Erik Alm and says he only took 40 hours to build all the 9 levels of One Bloody Night. Hah!

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deathz0r said:

What, every single unfinished project? Meh, I can't even remember them all.

At least the most important ones.

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Before I learned about doomworld, I built so many random mods and wads that I all abandoned after about a week each. The only ones I can remember are:

The King of Killers
An EDGE weapons mod where you're basically a big tough guy with lots of guns and you kill a lot of people.(abandoned)

Return of the Forsaken
You are a general in an almost hopeless medieval war. You and your few remaining comrades return home through the country to your beloved township castle. When you arrive, you find that there is no one there- save the odd beggar around a fire or the barbarians that control the east side of the castle. It was actually turning out good, with bows and arrows, swords, daggers, talking to beggars, fighting barbarians. I don't know why I stopped making it, but now that my old doom folder got deleted I don't have it anymore.(abandoned)

I hope I don't abandon Desert Warrior- I have some amazing ideas to make it great.

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In the order I picked them up:

Grind Episode - Six level mini-episode Doom II I'm making all by myself; currently two of the maps are done and the project is currently on hold until I get sprites for a nazi replacement boss.

Mock2 - I've made two maps myself, one of which isn't going to be included, and also made one map with SargeBaldy's help. I also made a few suggestions and did a DeHacked patch. I believe my work here is done. But the story doesn't end there...

ZooM - A doom racing mod for ZDoom that SargeBaldy and I have started. I'm the head mapper in this so far, so I'm putting a lot of work into levels and scripting. It will be a while before this is done.

Doom: Enigma - A project I'm heading, but not mapping for. The current one is a retelling of Ultimate Doom. It requires 8 mappers (who may or may not have mapped before for us) per episode. Check the thread in this section.

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My m-tekk arenas, big quake3 inspired TC, looked like quake2. Heh, yea, it died.

Poor wads with no grave.
SO RAVAGE, they are not unfinished projects but ideas? Ive got a wad called anubis on here, i dont thing egyptian themes have been successful, but edit: your idea sounds real fun - or what you stated that is - sounds cool :). Oh, your furry huh?

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heh. Here's my list:

-Doom 3 (seriously): A one-episode replacement telling of what happened to the Doom guy after Doom 64.

-Bubblegum Crisis Doom: It was going to build on the Priss.wad that was released. Yeah, didn't get too far. Was going to use Legacy.

-The Omega Day: Technically not dead...just evolved. It was going to be about a chick who has some prophetic signs in her life. These point to the fact that she's the only one who can save the world from an invading Hell.

-Terror In Shaft 9: Heh, really old thing I was doing before I even had an internet connection. The idea was that some demons were terrorizing a mining plant on (I think) another planet. So, you had to go and kill them off.

-Space Hulk 3: A semi-sequal to the Space Hulk videogames, and not related to the board game. You play as Pluvious, who suddenly finds that his entire squad has been killed by Genesteelers. You crashland on a planet, infested by the things of course, and you go to get revenge on them all.

-Kill 2: It was started. Had one level going. Was going to be for Doom 2. A continuation of Kill, obviously.

-Some unnamed Descent level: An actuall sidestory to Kill...Somehow I had it tied in. Quite complex.

-An unnamed, unstarted Quake level: Another sidestory to Kill...never even got past the basic "lets draw the idea on paper" stage.

-Police.wad: A recreation of the police station scene in Terminator. It was technically finished, but...ULTRA CRAPPY. I still have it if anyone wishes to see what I mean by "ULTRA CRAPPY".

-"Rage of Destruction: Monster DM": Well, it was finished, but only had one level plus a little introduction level. And it didn't quite turn out how I wanted it. Go to this thread for a bit more info...

That's all I can remember right now...

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The Heretic said:

Oh, your furry huh?

Uh, what gave it away? Heh. :)

I was looking through some of my doom folders on the E: drive and found some of these. Most don't have much of a story to them, just resources and a few maps to them.

The Omega Files (not cuz of teamkill)
Something about finding the Omega Rifle (modified plasmagun) This was abandoned 5 years ago. It sucked. I made a (very)heavily redone version of fight.wad someone else did. Not sure if I was allowed. Never got far though.

The Hasiban Temple
Um, bright whit marble temples + magic + modern weapons + bright whit marble temples dont mix in doom. One map done, sucks ass. Rocket launcher was an ethereal crossbow. No splash damage. IT was ok.
Abandoned years ago as well.

I don't really remember about this one. Only that it used some of the weapons from Starship Troopers TC for Duke Nukem 3D. And some of the green alien textures from Duke too. Abandoned years ago, sucked ass.

Azoras Curse
Yet another egyptian themed one, using Mystic's Mummytex.wad. This one was pretty good, but didn't get as far as 1/4 of the second map. Abandoned last year.

Seems, I can't get very far on projects, eh? :P

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oh well... it is a long list... :P

map01, map09, e1m6, e1m8, e2m8, e4m8,

Map05 for Doom: enigma (e1m5)

community chest map24

and there is more, that I have forgot... heh

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