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Aeroly Merton

Depression - GZDoom map

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Depression is a Doom 2 singleplayer map, the format of the map is UDMF so I recommend only using GZDoom and OPENGL render.

Jump, crouch and freelook are allowed and necessary.

I recomend using save states since the map is kinda large.

Monsters appear through the map.

The map has two endings, the more monsters you kill better chance to get the good ending xD.

I would like feedback about the map!




Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yryx76y1iushtqu/Depression.wad?dl=0

Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bm2ex36xrfx8d9i/Depression.wad/file




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Played through on UV in Zandronum. Took me about 40 minutes to beat, and I think I got the "good" ending; after playing a second time and just sprinting through, the ending was definitely different.


The visuals here are very consistent; you really have a theme going, and you stuck to it, which I commend you for. Unfortunately, this leads to parts of the map bleeding together in my mind to some degree. The worst offender is certainly the maze portion in the middle. The maze lacked distinguishing landmarks, so I ran in circles for quite a while before finding the button to lower the bars out. I'm not sure why you eliminated the automap; it would have greatly cut down on the aimless wandering. The visuals and progression really picked up for me after this point, as the grand scale of the rooms gave me something new to look at, even if it was all still red. One thing to point out: the dark red wall texture has very low resolution, which didn't help the map's look, since it's so ubiquitous. I enjoyed the invisible walls and stairs; they were an interesting theme for the latter portion of the map.


Progression-wise, I don't think I had to spend too long searching after pressing a given button; it was finding the buttons that was the tricky bit, though this was only a big issue in the maze. I think you succeeded in increasing the scale of combat as the map moved forward, eventually allowing me to lean on plasma and rockets rather than shells. One possible bug: it seems feasible to use strafe-jumping in the first elevator room to bypass a portion of the map without raising the elevator in front of the opening.


The combat encounters didn't really get my motor running, unfortunately. Rooms were consistently large and round enough that I can run circles around the monsters while they thin themselves out, then mop up the stragglers. I was also swimming in ammo, health, and armor pickups, so there was really no opportunity for danger. This isn't such a bad thing for a few fights, but the routine nature of the combat really started to wear on me after a while. I don't think I had to load a save game at any point; I rarely dipped below 100 health or armor or 50 shells or rockets, and in the final stretches, there's no way I could ever run out of cells. Your archvile placements left something to be desired for me: the turret AV's were universally harmless, so knocking them out was just a small time-sink. One other thing: since jumping is available, I think you could add much more verticality to your battlefields; between platforming sections, the map was pretty flat in large measure.


One last thing, which I may just be complaining about as a purist: I really didn't like the way the monsters spawned into the map. Almost all of the danger in many encounters arose because an enemy spawned right next to me and started attacking right away. I also felt a disconnect with the atmosphere when I walked into an empty room to see a bunch of monsters blink into existence. There were a few cases where I had to work to get everything to spawn in; one room in the maze has two entrances and you seem to get a new batch of enemies for each entrance you take, so right as I was leaving, I had a new posse blip in behind me that I had to clean up. It's possible this is because of my vanilla-adjacent preferences, but the way the monsters spawned in really rubbed me the wrong way.


In summary, I have some gripes with the combat and ZDoom-y features, but the atmosphere worked and the combats kept mounting to a big showdown, even if it toppled over without much fuss. I'd suggest adding some additional variety with the visuals in maps of this length and either using more offensively powerful monsters (e.g. mancubi or revenants instead of hell knights or pinkies) or restricting the player's movement to intensify combat. Hopefully these thoughts are helpful; you've clearly put some work into this and deserve some recognition!

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Screwed up my audio on this one, so my commentary is basically nonexistent. So, I found the lack of an auto-map a bit annoying because most of the map looks the same. The moments where the ground was invisible felt weird and unnecessary and also I think the underwater section with the three eye buttons and the Caco ambushes was broken. Atmosphere was good, but everything else felt like a big step backwards from your last map. Wasn't bad, but by the end of it I just wanted to be finished with it. Progression just felt a bit too same-y and sluggish.



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Just gave this a playthrough, heres what I gotta say


The theme is great. The unidentifiable flesh construction is an aesthetic I love, and you play around with it well. I do however think the expanded low-res texturing and some misalignments kinda roughen up the whole mood.


Im impressed with the GZDooMy stuff your able to do, all of the slopes smooth out the fleshyness of it.


Okay Ill say what I really hate--the random teleporting enemies, its jarring. I would walk into a corridor to only be damn near telefragged by the sudden spawning of a ton of enemies that completely caught me off guard.


Overall, a very positive experience, just some things to smooth out in my opinion

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