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I use gzdoom, will I need any other source port?

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GZDoom is an awesome source port, it can run most WADs and there are many cool+fun mods made for it. But it has problems with perfomance in slaughtermaps (Nuts.wad for instance), so I recommend you to use PrBoom+ for those type of WADs

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It really depends on what you are aiming for. If you are totally casual and don't care about proper vanilla/Boom/MBF physics, desyncing demos and stuff, you'll be fine with it (except on huge maps with a legion of monsters, as others mentioned).

For the full vanilla experience with masochistic tendencies: DOSBox (hi, @Doomkid <3 : D)
For the full vanilla experience, with the absolute must QoL upgrades: Chocolate Doom
Limit-removing experience (basically vanilla with several QoL ugprades, like uncapped fps, widescreen support etc.): Crispy Doom
For Boom/MBF stuff: DSDA-Doom or Woof!
ZDoom/GZDoom stuff: well, obviously ZDoom/GZDoom (even LZDoom on slower machines).
If you are speedrunning: DSDA-Doom is your best bet as of yet, has much more speedrunning-related tools than Woof!, but that's also a cool source port

For multiplayer: Zandronum, ZDaemon or Odamex. I think the latter is the best, feels way more responsive than the other two (imo ZDaemon is the worst in that regard)


If you want to cover everything, but don't want to download a plethora of ports AND you care for authenticity, you might want these:

For vanilla/limit-removing/Boom/MBF stuff: DSDA-Doom or Woof!
The rest with GZDoom. Except for skillsaw's Heartland, that needs Eternity Engine.

Edited by Fluuschoen : Typo. Again. And OCD, because I have nothing better to do...

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I'll post @Dwars' videos on doom ports, so you can know some features are offered by each and in general how they compare against each other



I know it's a lot of videos, so take your time :-)

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