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Johnny Cruelty

Know any fun megawads to play?

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Auger;Zenith or doomer boards community project 37 is one hell of a ride, its one of the prettiest megawads ive played in a while too

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Posted (edited)

1000 Lines 3 is another wad I would highly recommend (similar concept to Zone 400, except that maps are restricted to 1000 linedefs instead of 400)

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I'll recommend some megawads that I noticed wasn't being mentioned as much. Also going to list map numbers.


  • Ancient Aliens [Yes yes, many other people said it but it's still good Full 32 Maps]
  • Empyreon [I don't remember how many maps it has exactly. I think it's around 12 or 13. They're pretty big though]
  • Junko [Has only like 4 maps or something but they are MASSIVE]
  • Cybie's Freaky Colonoscopy [It has around like 11 maps I think]
  • Going Down [Full 32 Maps]
  • Icarus: Alien Vanguard [If you like TNT, this is for you. Full 32 Maps. Some can be confusing though]
  • DTS-T [Full 32 Maps... actually I think there might be more than that. Not for everyone but I like it]

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On 3/17/2022 at 6:11 AM, Johnny Cruelty said:

what kinda genre is it?

I just finished Eviternity today, it's divided in 6 chapters and 32 maps and progresses from (in my view) medium to constantly & slightly hard maps. A mapset with some kinda long, adventurous and grind-ish maps (those become more clear in the later maps). It uses the OTEX texture pack.

Here's an image of the start of Map26 from Doomwiki, you can see two giant towers from afar. (the hellish one isn't really a tower).

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