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Doom Squared Part 19

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Doom Squared Part 19


...I hadn't heard any sounds coming form the haunted mansion in over 15 minutes, leading me to beleive that Jess and Alex might've been in trouble. I got up, put my olive-coloured shirt on over the thick, bloodstained bandages, and straped on my grey combat boots. Next, I put the green armour over my head, snapped it into place, put on my space helmet, and strapped it's control box to my wrist.

The helmet had been with me since I had received the orders to prepare for grund assault, back on Mars. Built to last, it had a small air reserve, a biofilter, speaker, mechanical gill, light, health, armour, and ammo meters, and various connectors on the back to connect to computers, maps, etc.

The greatest thing I liked about them was their personal holographic display. After waving your ID card over the infrared port on the back, it would display a holographic image of your head, down between the meters. When your health decreased, or if you received a shot on you, the face would bleed, grunt, or turn in the attacker's direction. In Hell, the face had done some pretty strange things, such as scream or have it's eyes turn gold, side effects of the lava and the invincibility, I thought.

Back at the base, General McCraig and the tech teams had offered me the newer model, which had better features, but didn't have the hologram. Aparently, the face had freaked out new marines, and made them paranoid of their surroundings. I had been issued one of the few ever made. When this war was over, I was going to put it on my mantle and show my grandkids.

I put out the propane lamp, picked up my phase 2 shotgun, backpack, and a medikit. The door was jammed when we came here, and needed to be pried open with the gun, so I did it just like Alex did, except my gun didn't go off and wake up the imps, like his did.

The bodies of countless imps lay strewen across the landing pad. Half of it was sinking into a river of glowing waste nearby, and the transformed, marble walls of the mansion's courtyard loomed high above, looking inpenatrable. there was a large black hole, probably a path blown up by the alpha team, near the shed I had come out of, and, after triping on a spectre, I walked through it and saw the feild.

there was a large tower mounted in the center of the courtyard, one side of it lowered. there were large footprints coming out of it, leading to a rancid pile of fat and bones. A staircase lay beyond, with the bones of Revanents layed randomly across the steps. At the top was a building of some sort, with yellow skull markings on the sides. From within there was the sound of teleporting, and I raised my shotgut to take aim.

Jess came running out, clasping a blue skull in one hand and a smoking chaingun in the other. She jumped from the ledge, with Alex jumping behind her. Both of them ran as fast as they could towards me, constantly looking back.

"Run! It's an ambush! We've got to get out of here!"

They ran right past me. It took me a while to put the words together, my mind still shaken from the BFG blast. These freaks wern't smart enough to ambush us, were they?

I didn't have time to answer the question. A horrible, loud hissing noise came from the buildings they had just came from, and I turned to look.

Cacodemons. Thousands of cacodemons hovering over the walls, spilling in by the hundreds. About 50 balls of lightning came rushing out of the red clouds, electrifying the air around me. I turned and ran back to the shed.

Jess was using her hands to shovel the cooking geat and medical supplies into her backpack, while Alex rolled up the mats and sleeping bags as quickly as he could. While they worked, I slammed the iron door shut, and started packing as many guns into a backpack as I could. The BFG took up the entire backpack, then the shotgun could be snapped in two and fit into pockets. The rocket launcher and plasma rife could be compacted, and the chaingun could be strapped to the cords on the bag.

Now to get out. The blue door opened, and a tiny washroom was reveiled. "According to the plans I read earlier, there was supposed to be a manhole to the main sewers here, but it looks like they built a toilet over top of it, and tiles too."

Alex knew what to do. He pulled out his chaingun, covered in blue cacodemon blood, and let loose. The bits of porcelain flew all over, bouncing against the flesh walls of the shed. At last, there was the corroded iron cap of the manhole, rusted shut and covered in crap.

We tried prying it open with our shorguns, shooting at it, even using our bare hands. The cacodemons had probably surrounded the shed, sensing that we were in here. They were bombarding the shed with their fiery breath, and the walls were beginning to sweat. A horn came crashing through the skin behind us, and they would probably be inside within seconds.

Finally, the hatch opened and a huge gush of water backed up all over the floor. We didn't have time, we dived into the hole as fast as we could, being rushed through a giant waterslide of pipes. My helmet couldn't keep up with the ammount of filth in the water. It was clogging the air purifiers and gills. I started to pass out under the dirty water...

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