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Swapping Weapon Attributes?

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First, for the record, the tech help here at the Doomworld Forums have been spectacular, thank you all for the help!

Also, I do not use ports such as ZDoom, Boom etc because I'm still not that far along, so please be gentle, i use plain Vanilla Doom2 1.9...

In reference to dehacked's abilities: this is a (mainly) 2 part question....

Hypothetically, could you swap the sprites, frames, and code pointers on weapons with other weapons?

This example would be senseless without new sprites, not to mention looking stupid, but for simplicity's sake, could I take the Rocket launcher, select it as normal, but change the firing frame to that of the BFG firing frame, change the pointer on the last frame of the BFG firing sequence to return to the rocket launcher and vica versa with the BFG? Would this make the rocket launcher behave normally for select/deselect/and bobbing frames, then when fired, instantly become the BFG and it's firing sequence? And the same with the BFG using the Rocket launcher's firing sequence?

It sounds like it could be done logically, but what would happen about ammo usage? When firing the Rocket launcher, would the ammo be depleted from the plasma charge or the rockets?

I think I have a nifty idea, but need to know if this basic premise of swapping would work. I don't 'think' ammo depletion is going to be an issue actually, but it doesnt hurt to ask!

Thanks in advance!

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You don't even have to switch the frames (but you can), just modify the weapon code pointers, so you can make the rocket launcher fire plasma bullets, or the super shotgun fire bfg blasts or whatever.

What ammo weapons use is set in another section (the weapons section, heh). There you can essentially assign which type of ammo you deplete per weapon.

An excellent example is if you play Batman Doom (which is doom2.exe compatible, might I add). The batarangs are the pistol, but it fires rockets, though batarangs use plasma frames. It's confusing sort of, but once you get the hang of it, you should be okay.

Hope this helps.

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Cyb is correct. I'd reccomend taking a look at the old and great allguns deh mod. Allowing you to fire EVERY weapon code pointer with one pull of the trigger... and at less than 1 second intervals.

ETD(Estimated Time to Death) for a Cyberdemon: 1.03 seconds
...and people say my weapons are unbalanced.

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You acn also change weapons in weapon section od dehacked and make weapon 5 shotgun for instance, by copying shotgun code addresses to weapon #5.

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