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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.7

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Sin – Part 7


The acrid smell of death filled my nose together with scores of other horrid stenches. It had been like this for hours since I arrived in this accursed dimension, but never as bad as this. It was as if my nose had only been made as a tool for torturing me. A never-ending darkness hung over this place. The only light came from torches from disgusting brimstone walls, but they were few and far between and even the light from those seemed to be swallowed by the consuming darkness.

I was somewhere deep within the Hell fortress, but how far within it I didn’t know and I was too tired to care.
I had no more water and my throat burned. I knew that my life support system was working like mad to cool me down, but it was still hot. I wondered just how much hotter it would be if I hadn’t had my life support system’s cooling abilities. Likely so hot that I would have died after only a single hour.

For several hours I had seen nothing but utmost horrors, nearly nothing but death and felt nothing but absolute misery. I had been hallucinating regularly within this time. Images of my past flowed past my eyes, unpleasant images of my past. They were followed by completely mad images of distorted faces, crying and screaming in terror and blood curling agony, surreal images that seem to drive me even more crazy.

No mortal should ever go here I thought wearily as my boots crunched onto the odd sand underneath me. I had seen this sand several places in Hell before and had long known that the “sand” under my feet was nothing more than tiny pieces of dried blood, dry excrement and bone fragments.

The voices in my head were the worst they had been since they had started to bother me during my last ordeal in Hell. They were no longer crying for mercy, they were only mocking me. The voices sounded so distorted that no madman, no matter how insane, could have made such a horrible mock out of his own voice.

I was wandering up a staircase now. Below me a large lake of boiling blood, in which I seemed to be on an island, sent steam clouds up towards me and from above rained huge fireballs, but the mancubus horrors that were shooting at me couldn’t hit their target from their cages from where they barked in anger. I could hear how they shook their cages with rage.
I peeked over the edge of a set of stairs. I could see one of the fat bastards slam its powerful flamethrower guns against the metal bars of the cage with great force. But the bars remained seemingly undamaged.

I brought up the chain gun. I had lots of bullets left for I had recently killed a lot of former human commandos inside the tunnels of this enormous cave. It seemed that Hell had drawn former humans back to Hell and possessed by demonic souls as they were, they weren’t bothered by the heat – maybe Hell had brought them here to study these once human creatures and find new ways to exploit them or maybe simply to have guards of sorts.

Gritting my teeth, I pulled the trigger and the chain gun spat out bullets like crazy. The bullets tore into the fat of the mancubus which let out a loud burp of pain. I continued firing in bursts until the creature suddenly let out its barking battle cry and let loose a swarm of huge flame balls. I threw myself backwards just in time to avoid the scorching heat. When the coat seemed clear I rushed back up to the spot again and resumed firing in bursts until the creature fell.

Slowly working my way up the stairs like that, taking out the mancubus monsters one by one, I finally made it to the top.

Ahead was a portal, almost like the rift gate that I had traveled through to Hell and an open plateau stretched before me up until this gate. I almost took a step forward when the ground began to shake viciously, throwing my legs away underneath me. The almost empty chain gun left my hand and flew in a shallow arc through the hellish air. To my despair, I saw how the weapon flew over the edge of the plateau and disappeared downward. I could hear it plummet into the lake of steaming hot blood below. I stared after it with a hopeless expression in my face.

My attention was suddenly drawn towards a deep rumble from below. Like a deep growling. My eyes darted back and forth and I pulled out my BFG from the backpack. Something big was beneath me.

I had barely prepared the gun, when something slammed into the floor from below and the ground shattered in large blocks of rocky material. I heard something roar with rage and the hole in the floor exploded in a shower of rocks and debris as a large, boxy metal thing crashed into the sides of the hole expanding it further. I leapt to my feet and looked into the hole. The ground still shook, but not so badly anymore.

Staring back at me was a large, horrible face. A broad head with two large obsidian horns bending out from its head in large curves. I noticed cybernetic implants in one of the horns as well as under one of the burning red eyes below the horns.

I was staring at a Cyberdemon Lord and it was staring back at me. It roared so the very foundations of the cavern shook. Small rock pieces fell from the ceiling high above me. Even as the echoes of the roar still rung in my head, I could hear the tiny rock pieces clatter against the floor. The cyberdemon brought its rocket gun right through the floor just a few feet away from me and I backed away. The ground under the Demon Lord suddenly rose and before I knew it, the monster towered high above me. I noticed how the cracks in floor slowly closed. The awesome demon roared at me again and raised its gun arm, but before it could shoot, I ran straight at it and dove under its massive, spread legs. Three rockets hammered into the floor a good distance behind me. I leapt to my feet again, spun around and brought the mighty gun in my hands up. The slightly confused Cyberdemon turned.

The BFG 9000 started charging up energy cells and several lights on the gun started to shine as the gun began to shake viciously in my gloved hands.

The demon faced me again and growled with a deep rumble, but before it could point its rocket launcher at me again, a large flash blinded it as a large ball of pure green energy shot out from the large barrel and flew directly at it.

The ball exploded against the monster’s stomach and with a loud roar of rage and pain, the Demon Lord was hurled several feet through the air before it crashed into a wall. The wall shook and shattered. The mancubus cage fell down and crashed onto the Cyberdemon’s mighty head, but the cybernetic demon only shook its head briefly and with a surprising agile movement, it raised its hoofed legs above the ground and made a quick leap which brought it back on its feet. The ground shook under its mighty weight as it landed on its hooves.

But I had expected it to survive, so I fired again. The powerful plasma explosion of the impact sent the demon back into the already heavily damaged wall, but since the distance to the wall was shorter, the impact was lessened and the wall suffered little more damage.

A smaller explosion sounded and I saw the rocket launcher on the demon’s gun component disappear in an orange flash. The cyberdemon’s rocket launcher was done for and the demon seemed to realize this for it roared extra loud with rage as it fell to its knees.
I lowered my gun now that my foe was beaten. I did not see a reason to waste another shot on it, as it seemed to be neutralized.

I was wrong.

With a sudden, swift movement, the downed demon swung its mechanical crane arm with the ruined rocket launcher down onto the floor. The impact caused a shockwave and the ground shook so bad that I was thrown into a wall behind me, knocking a lot of air out of my lungs. When I looked up, I saw the BFG rest on the floor a few feet away from me and when I turned my head, I saw that the rocket launcher was balancing dangerously close to the edge of the plateau. The rocket launcher seemed to have fallen out of the bag on my back.

A large hoof suddenly slammed down on the floor right in front of the BFG on the floor and a robotic metal hoof was brought down a feet ahead of the organic one.

The cyberdemon was still surprisingly alive and at near full strength. It lowered its colossal body and its grisly head came within inches of my own face. It breathed me in my face, filling my nose with a nauseating stench that seemed to zap my energy, which wasn’t too high already. I could feel the heat of its burning eyes. The cybernetic implant under its right eye was seriously damaged as was a lot of its rough, disgusting skin, but the demon didn’t seem to care. Yellow slime and pus dripped from its wide jaw and its sharp, powerful teeth where gnashing against one another.

It growled. Like a quake.

It righted itself up slightly and swung its metallic arm at me with a roar. I didn’t know where I got the strength from, but I managed to duck under the arm. I could feel the air pressure as the powerful arm whizzed over my head.
The monster growled again and righted itself up in its full, five meter height, raising its crane arm again, before it brought it down towards me at a frightening speed. The crane arm crashed onto the floor with terrifying force making the ground shake, but I had already thrown myself in between its two legs. This time, the demon seemed ready for that to happen for it quickly raised its robotic hoof and tried to squash me with it, but I leapt aside and with an agile combination of leaps, I managed to swipe the BFG off the ground, before I spun around to face the Cyberdemon again. The demon swung its body around with surprising speed for a demon that big, but I had already pulled the trigger of the BFG and the weapon was humming with an increasingly louder whine.

The demon bellowed with anger and threw its mighty hooves towards me, stomping over the plateau. It wasn’t too far away when the BFG jerked backwards, almost sending my wearied body flying through the air. Instead I lost balance and fell on my back. I caught a glimpse of the demon’s goofy expression in the otherwise terrifying face when it disappeared in a green whitish flash. A loud death scream filled the cavern, followed by several sounds of small explosions and when I opened my eyes again, I could only see a small pile of ruined flesh lying before me. Looking around, I saw the Rocket launcher balancing on the edge a few steps down the stairs. It was a miracle that it hadn't fallen into the pit with all the minor earthquakes that the now defeated demon lord had caused.

I gathered my weapons and took one last look at the portal in front of me before I entered it.

Darkness descended upon me and suddenly, thousands of crazy faces stared at me. It was like a grayish surface of a strange liquid flowing before me and I saw the faces of the damned swim before my eyes, their faces distorted with madness and agony. I heard their distorted screams. And as suddenly as they had appeared, they were gone and I stared directly at an enormous demon visage far more terrible than any demon face I had yet seen.

And I suddenly realized that this nightmarish face staring at me with its white eyes was no hallucination. It was really in front of me!


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Arealdy there? I expected a longer trip, but great one anyway. One thing puzzling me though:

When I looked up, I saw the BFG rest on the floor a few feet away from me and when I turned my head, I saw that the rocket launcher was balancing dangerously close to the edge of the plateau.

And after some stomps and groundbashing, did the RL survive? :) (probably so; you need it for the icon) Seriously, some info about what happened with the RL would be a nice thing to add IMO, either now or in the special version.

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Lets try that again.

Al ha11 t3|-| gR8 n0v31157 D5|\/|!!! 101 :)

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Mr. NobodX said:

And after some stomps and groundbashing, did the RL survive? :) (probably so; you need it for the icon) Seriously, some info about what happened with the RL would be a nice thing to add IMO, either now or in the special version.

The solution is not perfect but it should do.
Unfortunately, my spell/grammar checker cannot deal with inconsistencies.

Al ha11 t3|-| gR8 n0v31157 D5|\/|!!! 101 :)

Translation: Al hall teh great novellst dsm!!! one-oh-one smilie

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Vulg@r said:


Yes, lol. Why not? :)

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I wasn't sure if you were lol-ing at DSM's fanfic, his comment or my avatar = me confused

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