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Poorly-Received Movies That Are Actually Good!

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8 hours ago, mhmh said:




Kevin Costner was due a backlash, the hubris was certainly there, and the critics took immense pleasure in watching the disastrous production unfold. 


Meanwhile, despite a plot that's a little hokey and derivative, the movie itself is not too bad at all. 


It's basically Mad Max on water.

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39 minutes ago, Master O said:


It's basically Mad Max on water.


Yup, Mad Max 2 for the Atoll siege and Mad Max 3 for the search for Dryland.

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9 minutes ago, ChaseC7527 said:

Butterfly Effect (2004) i feel like its a really good movie but seriously underappreciated.

I do not remember the movie being badly received (Wikipedia states that it was), but I reckon it is easily Ashton Kutcher's finest work.

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