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Carmack on NV30

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Pretty much a toss-up, between NV30 and R300, is what I got out of the recent .plan. I don't know what NVidia was thinking with this new card. I'm sure that the "regular" GFFX, minus dustbuster, might be more reasonable, if the pricing is significantly lower.

In some long-lost thread, someone brought up the point that the new GFFX supported features that it couldn't really use in today's games, and that by the time newer games came out, a better and more robust generation of hardware would be out anyway. I argued against this, stating that the GFFX would be quite amazing in all things. It just shows you how wrong I can be...

Glad to see Carmack making use of the new ARB vertex shader extentions, dropping the rlevant verndor specific API's.

For anyone who was concerned about the Doom3 alpha's performance on their video card, a read of this .plan should convince you that the rendering code for the cards is being tweaked and changed even up to this point.

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